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EVO ShareBrowser v.4.4.1 Released

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EVO ShareBrowser Desktop Client/Admin v.4.4.1 contains new features, minor bug fixes and improvements to ShareBrowser 4.4.

In order to use ShareBrowser 4.4.1, your EVO must be running version or later with the following plugin versions:

  • Java Runtime Environment: 8u77
  • PostgreSQL:
  • ShareBrowser Server: 4.4.1040.6
  • Slingshot limited: 0.0.136
  • EVO Indexer    0.0.75

If your EVO is not up to date with these versions, please contact our support team to determine your upgrade eligibility.


  • Mac: OS X 10.10 or later
  • Windows: Windows 7 or later

Before Installing:

  • First remove ShareBrowser v.4.4 via the uninstaller in Applications/SNS EVO ShareBrowser (Mac), or the Control Panel (Windows).
  • Please Note: ShareBrowser v.4.4.1 will install ShareBrowser Client by default.  To install ShareBrowser Admin or the Indexer Configuration Tool choose customize in the Mac installer or click the checkbox to install ShareBrowser Admin in the Windows installer.

New Features:

  • Integration with StorageDNA [PMP-530]
  • Auto-Complete Keyword Tags [PMP-721]
  • Include manual in help menu [PMP-1113]
  • Finder plugin displays the user who locked a file [PMP-1124]
  • Setting to always clear locks on exit [PMP-1192]
  • Option to throttle unbridled file copies in client [PMP-1232]


  • Add an option to sort by lock (Mac) [PMP-1096]
  • Remove “Export to FCPX XML” from Windows version [PMP-1101]
  • Only install ShareBrowser Client by default [PMP-1115]
  • Warning box when search phrase is short (1-2 characters) [PMP-1117]
  • Remove Read Locks [PMP-1127]
  • Distinguish inaccessible indexers in the right-hand-side dropdown (Mac) [PMP-1178]
  • Remember column placement/size in OSX client [PMP-1207]
  • Checkbox labels should be clickable [PMP-1260]
  • Raise contrast on the edge of the playback window [PMP-1272]
  • NFS mounting takes a long time on macOS [PMP-1270]

Bug Fixes:

  • Search Tags Only does not display Key Values [PMP-663]
  • Export to FCPX sends blank video for certain ProRes clips [PMP-1269]
  • Other Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

For immediate updates, follow Studio Network Solutions on Twitter.  Visit our website for more information on EVO ShareBrowser.

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