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SNS Matt

EVO ShareBrowser v.4.4 Released

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EVO ShareBrowser Desktop Client/Admin v.4.4 contains new features, minor bug fixes and improvements to ShareBrowser 4.3.1.

In order to use ShareBrowser 4.4, your EVO must be running version or later with the following plugin versions:

Java Runtime Environment: 8u77
ShareBrowser Server:
Slingshot limited: 0.0.136
EVO Indexer    0.0.73

If your EVO is not up to date with these versions, please contact our support team to determine your upgrade eligibility.



  • Mac: OS X 10.10 or later
  • Windows: Windows 7 or later

Before Installing:

  • First remove ShareBrowser v.4.3.1 via the uninstaller in Applications/SNS EVO ShareBrowser (Mac), or the Control Panel (Windows).

New Features:

  • Project Sharing integration with macOS Finder (OS X 10.10+) [PMP-928]
  • Project Sharing integration with Windows Explorer [PMP-1040]
  • Enhanced ShareBrowser search options for multiple keywords [PMP-327]
  • Cloud Integration: Google Drive[PMP-850]
  • Export to Premiere using Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit [PMP-1043]
  • Export to FCP X directly from context menu [PMP-1044]
  • Search within folder for macOS and Windows [PMP-1052]
  • Comments and Tags can now Append when multi-selecting files [PMP-860]


  • Project locking from contextual menu now available when multiple files are selected [PMP-964]
  • Release locks from contextual menu for Project Sharing when multiple files are selected [PMP-426]
  • Ability to set macOS indexer Name after initial install [PMP-594]
  • Volumes can now be tagged and commented on in ShareBrowser [PMP-666]
  • Implementation of Default view for harvested metadata window [PMP-1056]
  • Default Settings Changed - Avid Integration and SANmp turned off by default [PMP-1070]
  • Removed "Recursive" checkbox from comments section [PMP-1156]

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an NFS mounting issue with macOS Sierra [PMP-1091]

For immediate updates, follow Studio Network Solutions on Twitter.  Visit our website for more information on EVO ShareBrowser.

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