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Is there ANY way to have more than one user access a drive as write? I work at a company that runs SANmp and I use 3D/GFX programs such as Blackmagic Fusion Studio and Adobe After Effects. These programs offer the ability to use the computers in your local network to aid in the rendering of heavy scenes. I often want to do batch rendering of files when I have 80 or more clips/comps that need written out. Fusion can split out the files to multiple computers running the slave software (Fusion Render Node) but it requires all slave computers to have write access to the output folder (which is on the SANmp).

Same with After Effects and its "Watch Folders." You can dole out pieces to other Render-Only computers on your network but they all need write access. I think the way that SANmp works, it prevents this type of thing since only one user at a time would have write permissions to a drive. My only workaround (we are on Macs here) is to make a public folder, locally on my computer, with Write access for all. Then, copy the rendered contents to the SANmp drive. It's a little more work and not ideal.

I just wanted to ask if there were any workarounds and possibility of doing this a different way in this type of environment.



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If you need for multiple computers to write to a volume simultaneously, you would probably be better off with a NAS share than a SANmp disk. NAS shares have gotten very competitive in speed with some recent improvements, and an EVO is capable of exporting storage as either. If you have SAN storage that can't do this, you could mount a SANmp volume on a workstation and share it out using a NAS protocol such as SMB also. There are multi-writer SAN protocols also, such as XSan, but they can be difficult to support.



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