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Eric Newbauer

EVO OS Version 5.8 and ShareBrowser 4.3 Released

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EVO Version 5.8 and ShareBrowser v.4.3 include many new features and improvements to scalability, performance, feature parity, setup, and reliability. Some of the most notable additions are summarized below.

If you purchased an EVO storage system that is currently at OS v.5.x your hardware is compatible with this release. Please contact us to determine if you are eligible for a free upgrade to this latest version of the EVO OS.

Before upgrading the OS version on your EVO, it is imperative that you review the user manual and plan for any changed functionality. Further, although an update to the newer version can be done with data in-place, a backup of all critical data should be completed and verified before beginning the update. You should also plan for a reboot, which will be required immediately after the upgrade process has finished.

In addition to these highlighted items, there are many other improvements and options, which are documented in the relevant sections of the EVO GUI's Help manual.

EVO OS v.5.8 Release Notes

New Features and Improvements

  • Virtual Switch enables EVO's Ethernet ports to function like an Ethernet switch [EVO-889]
  • Introduced Final Cut Pro X Library locking (via ShareBrowser) on NFS share [EVO-2195]
  • ShareBrowser database backup to an EVO NAS share can now be scheduled and automated [EVO-1727]
  • NAS shares can now be selectively and permanently deleted [EVO-1664]
  • (BETA Preview) An EVO can now transcode media on its own NAS shares, for ShareBrowser proxies [EVO-1775]
  • (BETA Preview) An EVO can now index files on its own NAS shares, for ShareBrowser use [EVO-1898]
  • Improved responsiveness of web GUI [EVO-1614]
  • Support for new Intel-based EVO 8 bay [EVO-2112]
  • Read-only option now available for AD/LDAP Groups [EVO-1922]
  • Dots, underscores, and dashes now allowed in LDAP/AD usernames [EVO-2085]
  • New ShareBrowser Server menu added to simplify ShareBrowser configuration [EVO-2092]
  • Ethernet port throughput monitor added (under Hardware Profile) [EVO-1977]
  • SMBv3 added as an option for SMB protocol (under Advanced) [EVO-1921]
  • New test tools for Ethernet ports added to web GUI (under Troubleshooting) [EVO-2208]
  • Improved handling when expansion chassis not on/connected during boot sequence [EVO-1666]
  • System info push utility added for technical support assistance [EVO-2170]

ShareBrowser v.4.3 Companion

Existing users: Important information regarding ShareBrowser configuration for this upgrade:

After upgrading you will now have the capability to have EVO automatically backup your ShareBrowser database to one of the NAS shares on your EVO. If you have not selected a backup location for your database you will see a large red alert banner at the top of EVO's web GUI until the backup location is selected.

There have been major changes to the indexer in this release. These changes were made with the goal of making significant improvements, particularly to reduce indexing times. But with these changes there is special handling for upgrade situations:

  • The default logic for indexer behavior has changed. Please review the harvesting rules for your indexer(s) in ShareBrowser Admin.
  • If you have any custom file type groups defined (most customers do not use this function), these will not be preserved in the upgrade.
  • Volumes will have no indexer assigned after the update (your scheduling settings will be preserved).
  • The default setting on upgrade is to exclude all files from the extended metadata harvesting operation. Most customers will want to reset this. If you prefer ALL files to have any extended metadata harvested please set the Exclude File Group dropdown to "No files" in ShareBrowser Admin.
  • It will be required to update your ShareBrowser software (and SANmp if you're using it) as part of this upgrade.

ShareBrowser v.4.3 Release Notes

New Features and Improvements

  • Improved performance of GUI and minimized indexing time [PMP-677] [PMP-697] [PMP-712]
  • Compatibility with OS X 10.11 El Capitan [PMP-748]
  • Added Avid emulation over AFP [PMP-621]
  • Implemented new project locking system and XML support for FCP X [PMP-893] [PMP-548]
  • Included Avid Launcher and keyboard shortcut for launcher [PMP-941] [PMP-947]
  • Search results can now be exported as XML [PMP-790]
  • Improved project locking behavior/options on file copy operations [PMP-764]
  • Added new options for previewing archived/stub files [PMP-779]
  • Improved default search parameters [PMP-714]
  • User can now set a preferred default volume list filter [PMP-685]
  • Included option in Admin GUI to reset configuration data [PMP-772]
  • Improved layout of the Preferences tab [PMP-786]
  • The "Clear all locks" button has been renamed "Clear my locks" for clarity of function [PMP-917]
  • The _ShareBrowserVolumeUID_ file is now protected on EVO's internal NAS shares [PMP-384]

Please visit the EVO Shared Storage System page for more information about EVO and ShareBrowser.

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