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Eric Newbauer

EVO OS Version 5.7 Released

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EVO Version 5.7 includes many new features and improvements to scalability, performance, setup, and reliability. Some of the most notable additions are summarized below.

If you purchased an EVO storage system that is currently at OS v.5.x your hardware is compatible with EVO v.5.7. Please contact us to determine if you are eligible for a free upgrade to this latest version of the EVO OS.

Before upgrading the OS version on your EVO, it is imperative that you review the user manual and plan for any changed functionality. Further, although an update to the newer version can be done with data in-place, a backup of all critical data should be completed and verified before beginning the update. You should also plan for a reboot, which will be required immediately after the upgrade process has finished.

In addition to these highlighted items, there are many other improvements and options, which are documented in the relevant sections of the EVO GUI's Help manual.

EVO OS v.5.7 Release Notes

New Features and Improvements

  • A Recycle Bin can now be enabled for each NAS share [EVO-851]
  • USB storage can now be connected directly to EVO and NAS-mapped [EVO-1724] [EVO-1682]
  • An 8 Bay EVO can now accept an approved 16 bay expansion chassis [EVO-1760]
  • EVO can now act as a time server for all connected workstations [EVO-1952]
  • The Paragon HFS driver can now be enabled to improve SAN+NAS limitations (beta) [EVO-1046]
  • Port Bonding via 'balance-rr' is now a bonding option on the Advanced page [EVO-1581]
  • Improved transition to user assignment after NAS mapping [EVO-1880]
  • The "SysObjectID" value for SNMP is now supported [EVO-1881]
  • Beta flags removed from LDAP/AD functions [EVO-1905]
  • 10GbE ports now default to 9000 MTU [EVO-1912]
  • ShareBrowser/EVO user sync is now enabled by default [EVO-1927]
  • GUI now enforces the prevention of overlapping IP subnets [EVO-1910]
  • ShareBrowser Admin password can now be reset from web UI [EVO-1945]
  • Definitions updated for Unlocked/Locked/Project Sharing NAS modes [EVO-1789]
  • System patched against Shellshock and Heartbleed [EVO-1937]
ShareBrowser v.4.2 Companion Release Notes

New Features

  • Assets can now be tagged [PMP-582]
  • Cloud Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud [PMP-581]
  • Cloud Integration for Box [PMP-538]
  • Cloud Integration with Microsoft OneDrive [PMP-570]
  • FCP X XML Support [PMP-548]
  • FCP 7 XML Support [PMP-549]
  • CatDV XML Support [PMP-590]
  • Windows - Dump a local text file reporting the files with Verification errors [PMP-556]
  • Active Directory / LDAP support for ShareBrowser Server [PMP-580]
  • Search Tags Only option [PMP-607]
  • Admin application view - Add columns for: Status, Last Index, Next Index [PMP-321]
  • Volume List - Mount/Write Status Column [PMP-329]
  • Display IP address of EVO Server that Admin has logged into [PMP-442]
  • Notification of which system has Admin open [PMP-486]
  • UNC Path support on Windows [PMP-508]
  • Initiate connections to non-EVO shares (Win) [PMP-509]
  • Synchronize function for SANmp disks [PMP-510]
  • Indicate which NAS protocol is in use for a mounted volume [PMP-521]
  • Contextual Mount - Unmount command [PMP-533]
  • Contextual Mount - Refresh [PMP-534]
  • Volume List - Refresh button, should always trigger a 'Refresh All' [PMP-535]
  • Implement keyboard navigation for video preview in Windows [PMP-630]
Please visit the EVO Shared Storage System page for more information about EVO and ShareBrowser.

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