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Eric Newbauer

EVO OS Version 5.6 Released

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EVO Version 5.6 includes many new features and improvements to scalability, performance, setup, and reliability. Some of the most notable additions are summarized below.

If you purchased an EVO storage system that is currently at OS v.5.x your hardware is compatible and you are eligible for a free upgrade to this latest version of the EVO OS. If you are on a version earlier than v.5.0, please contact us for more information on upgrading your EVO.

Before upgrading the OS version on your EVO, it is imperative that you review the user manual and plan for any changed functionality. Further, although an update to the newer version can be done with data in-place, a backup of all critical data should be completed and verified before beginning the update. You should also plan for a reboot, which will be required immediately after the upgrade process has finished.

In addition to these highlighted items, there are many other improvements and options, which are documented in the relevant sections of the EVO GUI's Help manual.

EVO OS v.5.6 Release Notes

New Features and Improvements

  • Introduced support for EVO Prodigy [EVO-1796]
  • Introduced support for Intel-based EVO [EVO-1684]
  • SMB2 now enabled by default instead of SMB [EVO-1863]
  • AFP and SMB users can now be set as Read Only for NAS shares with the Unlocked mode [EVO-1751]
  • Background status messages (the transient messages that appear at the top of EVO's web GUI during background operations like building a logical disk) now include a link to the applicable page where more details can be seen [EVO-1782]
  • New option on System > Advanced page ("Optimize concurrent NAS operations") to improve NAS performance for certain workflows (especially when multiple clients are writing to SAN while reading from NAS) [EVO-1847]

ShareBrowser v.4.1 Companion Release Notes

New Features

  • Auto-mount volumes upon login [PMP-23]
  • Path based offline-proxy support [PMP-254]
  • Support MD5 Checksums for Mac & Win [PMP-338] & [PMP-452]
  • Shared Comments field for user-populated custom metadata [PMP-368]
  • 3rd Party Cloud Storage integration for Drobox and Hightail [PMP-392]
  • Preserve Windows Drive Letter for ShareBrowser mounted volumes (Win only) [PMP-417]
  • Generate a local text file report for copied files with Verification errors (Mac only) [PMP-501]


  • Preference improvement for SANmp EVO-Only Mode [PMP-302]
  • Persistent view of EVO Project Sharing Lock column in ShareBrowser Client [PMP-312]
  • Do not display SANmp volumes and EVO NAS shares if user does not have permission [PMP-366]
  • Preference to not display indexed internal volumes of other users [PMP-367]
  • Option to keep SANmp volumes mounted after ShareBrowser Client is quit [PMP-382]
  • Added contextual menu option for - Open With [PMP-387]
  • Added Contextual menu to Clear All Locks for EVO Project Sharing [PMP-434]
  • NFS Mounting option improvements [PMP-445]
  • SANmp Login retry preference (Mac only) [PMP-456]
  • Support for Active Directory / LDAP authentication in ShareBrowser [EVO-1894]
  • Added the ability to delete indexed volumes from the ShareBrowser Database [PMP-461]
  • Added volume list filter for "EVO + SANmp Shares only. Set as default view. [PMP-478]
  • Clicking 'All Volumes' triggers a search of text entered in the search field [PMP-490]
  • Improved display of Last Modified Date and Size for offline indexed files [PMP-492]
  • Pressing the space bar triggers playback of highlighted clip in ShareBrowser Preview pane [PMP-493]
  • Added information for xd5f codec metadata for ShareBrowser’s Indexer [PMP-494]
  • Provide Skip, Skip all errors, Cancel options in verify error dialog [PMP-500]
  • Added a preference for handling verification of Mac .DS_Store files [PMP-502]
  • Warn users that recursively applying comments will overwrite all comments down the hierarchy [PMP-502] [PMP-505]
  • Added support for a Common Clipboard shared with the Finder and ShareBrowser (Mac only) [PMP-511]
  • ShareBrowser Icon in Windows TaskBar flashes when receiving access requests (Win only) [PMP-586]

Bug Fixes

  • Using ShareBrowser client on Windows causes HFS+ SANmp volumes to report as unformatted [PMP-396]
  • Fixed issues with verification error handling for Mac clients [PMP-468]
  • Fixed an issue with some copy speeds for Mac clients [PMP-481]
  • Fixed an issue where SANmp volumes did not unmount after a scheduled index completed (Mac only) [PMP-483]
  • Improved responsiveness for the contextual menu in ShareBrowser client [PMP-489]
  • Fixed an issue where a Copy/Paste of a QuickTime .mov of certain types might fail [PMP-512]
  • Fixed an issue with Project Sharing where locking and status was intermittent, which could also lead to not being able to save or rename files and folders. [PMP-513]
  • Fixed an issue where verification errors prevented other copies from completing [PMP-522]
  • Fixed an issue where SANmp iSCSI volume icons were displayed instead of the Fibre Channel icon [PMP-559]
  • Fixed an issue where the ShareBrowser Windows Client could not request a SANmp Write user unmount their volume [PMP-567]
  • Fixed an issue where a long start delay could be seen on ingest with Avid (Windows) [EVO-1846]

Please visit the EVO Shared Storage System page for more information about EVO and ShareBrowser.

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