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FreeNAS is moving from the istgt iSCSI deamon to ctld. The latter is supposed to be more stable and performant. As of Freenas, ctld can be enabled by checking the experimental flag, but as of 9.3 ctld will be the default.

That's all good, but globalSan's latest driver (v. does not play nice with ctld, although it is rock solid with istgt (Mavericks 10.9.4/Freenas With ctld, the drive gets mounted (green lights, everything works also read/write to the drive) but after a while (< 1 min) the drive gets dismounted, resulting in write/read failures. It gets mounted shortly thereafter, but of course the rw error does not go away...

Of course there is a known issue with the latest driver:

  • Autodiscovery and CRC incompatibilities with the ctld iSCSI target [GLO-359]

Is this causing the sudden dismounts? When will there be a new version with proper ctld support?

If I can help debug the issue, please let me know

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I think I am experiencing this problem.

FreeNAS has finally released 9.3 and I upgraded. Since then GlobalSAN iSCSI initiator keeps disconnecting from any iSCSI target I connect to.

I'm not sure how to proceed? I can't downgrade the NAS and looking at this thread the problem has been around for a long time with no fix.

Are there any current plans or workarounds for ctld and GlobalSAN?


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