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Eric Newbauer

EVO OS Version 5.5 Released

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EVO OS Version 5.5 is now released.

EVO Version 5.5 includes many new features and improvements to scalability, performance, setup, and reliability. Some of the most notable additions are summarized below.

If you purchased an EVO storage system that is currently at OS v.5.0 (see below) your hardware is compatible and you are eligible for a free upgrade to EVO OS v.5.5. If you are on a version earlier than v.5.0, please contact us for more information on upgrading your EVO.

Before upgrading the OS version on your EVO, it is imperative that you review the user manual and plan for any changed functionality. Further, although an update to v.5.5 can be done with data in-place, a backup of all critical data should be completed and verified before beginning the update. You should also plan for a reboot, which will be required immediately after the upgrade process has finished.

In addition to these highlighted items, there are many other improvements and options, which are documented in the relevant sections of the user manual.

New Features

  • Server components for new ShareBrowser Desktop Client that unifies storage mounting functions, file system browsing, automatic project locking, indexing, searching, and more [EVO-1592]
  • Tiered storage: A single node now supports up to 64 total disks with 2nd RAID controller [EVO-902]
  • Multiple shares can now be created within a single NAS partition [EVO-1435]
  • SMB can now be used for Avid bin sharing [EVO-1549]
  • Integration with external directory services like LDAP/AD (Beta) [EVO-166]

New Improvements

  • Final Cut Pro X can now use an EVO NFS share as a SAN Location [EVO-1590]
  • NFS performance improvements [EVO-1482]
  • Ability to cancel the creation of a new logical disk while building in progress [EVO-857]
  • Quotas can now be set for certain NAS shares [EVO-1436]
  • Improved handling and notification if RAID build/resync in progress during boot sequence [EVO-1521]
  • Size and model of each disk now shown on Disk Pools page [EVO-1236]
  • A new User Management widget introduced to help navigate large number of external directory groups and users [EVO-1605]
  • GUI now differentiates between populated/non-activated slot vs. empty disk slot on Status page [EVO-1184]

Known Issues (General)

  • Fibre Channel clients must connect using FC-AL mode
  • ATTO FC adapters may require client-side manual data rate setting
  • Windows clients using ATTO FC adapter should modify MaximumSGList and MaxXferSize in Registry
  • The GUI can operate slowly under high load such as building a RAID
  • APC devices in Back-UPS family are incompatible
  • Access via NFS to SANmp logical disks is not available
  • If a logical disk is switched offline, the FC link is reset on all ports where the logical disk is mapped
  • HFS+ partitions can't be resized during pool expansion
  • Can't consolidate media in Avid when using EVO Mount Utility * [EVO-1591]
  • Slow/absent waterfall of red LEDs in expansion chassis slots during shutdown [EVO-1257]
  • Installing a tier 2 expansion chassis may require reboot [EVO-1579]
  • EVO may hang at shutdown during "Umounting filesystems" if a logical disk's physical drive was removed and not replaced

Known Issues (Open Directory/Active Directory Beta)

  • SMB clients need to be reconfigured after enabling LDAP for Samba (if samba.schema is not used)
  • When changing LDAP user's name on server it is necessary to re-specify this user share ACL on EVO
  • Samba.schema enabling disables SAMBA access to locally-configured EVO users
  • To receive Active Directory users EVO needs to use AD controller IP address for DNS (or another server that resolves IP the same way as AD controller)
  • It is necessary to specify EVO hostname for local users when connecting via SMB to EVO with AD enabled
  • NAS shares are disconnected on clients if LDAP/AD connection is being switched on/off
  • AD can't be disabled without re-specifying AD admin password
  • There are no EVO tools for setting up samba.schema directory attributes
  • Local user created after disabling LDAP/AD (w/ ACL reset) with the same name as an external user is granted access to all shares that the external user had

* The EVO Mount Utility is now deprecated and replaced with the ShareBrowser Desktop Client.


Release Notes from Previous Version (EVO v.5.0, April, 2013)
The release notes from the previous version, EVO v.5.0, are listed below. EVO version 5.0 was a complete hardware/software update. As a result of significant hardware and architectural improvements, EVO OS v.5.0 is incompatible with systems running previous versions of the OS. If you own a system running an OS version prior to v.5.0 and would like to update to a later version, please contact us for more information on upgrading your EVO.

v.5.0 New Features

  • Enhanced RAID level choices: RAID 0, 1, 4, 5, 6, and 10 now supported
  • RAID 4, 5, and 6 logical disks can be grown by adding disks to existing pool
  • Overall improved IO performance capabilities
  • Improved and simplified disk replacement functions
  • Avid Bin Sharing for Mac and Windows clients
  • A pool can now be created with fewer than four disks
  • Each Ethernet port in EVO can now optionally be a DHCP Server or Client
  • Limited SSD support: single disk pool only, no parity RAID
  • 3TB and 4TB drives are now supported
  • Configurable alarms can be setup for audible failure notifications
  • Logical disks stay online throughout all steps of a RAID resync
  • Service data is now stored on RAID disks for portability to new system
  • Boot time has been improved: from power off, EVO will typically be ready for use within about 5 minutes

v.5.0 New Improvements

  • Logical disks can now be batch created in parallel
  • Administrator can now delete files via the Share Browser web GUI
  • Beacon feature added to identify individual disk on command
  • The "POOL-" prefix is no longer part of disk name/description for FC/iSCSI LUNs
  • Many improvements to Email & Notifications page
  • The term "Volume" is replaced throughout the GUI with "Logical Disk"
  • A "Select All" function is now available for many lists in the GUI
  • Hundreds of additional GUI improvements...

Please visit the EVO Shared Storage System page for more information about EVO.

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