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Eric Newbauer

You can now use PayPal to buy globalSAN

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Just wanted to inform everyone that today we rolled out the ability to purchase the globalSAN initiator through PayPal.

Also, by popular request, we've included a payment method that enables your company to buy the initiator with an invoice. To purchase with an invoice, login to your globalSAN.net account and choose the "PayPal with Invoice" method, which will generate an invoice and send to you via email. You can then pay the invoice or submit it to your company's purchasing department. Once the invoice is paid you will receive a notification that your license has been deposited.

So now there are three ways to purchase the initiator online:

  1. Google Wallet "Buy Now"
  2. PayPal "Buy Now"
  3. PayPal "With Invoice"

Thanks for your feedback!

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Hi Team,

i purchase (with paypal payement) an 1 permanent license for globalSAN iSCSI initiator
But since now i have not received my my key license by email !

How can i activate, i have follow without any success the steps to activate

Thank in advance for yours help

Kind regards,
Francois Trilles

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Having the same problem. Payed with PayPal and got no Product Key and there is nowhere to download the software...

I have followed the steps in the email I received after payment and have ended up in a endless frustrating loop!

Please help!

Kind regards


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Same here (did the pay with invoice route).

I send some emails to sales@...

Not sure if that mail adress is active so that why also post here just in case. Otherwise apologies for the spam.

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Hi Eric,

I am not a new but old and still happy customer ;-) (think my first license is from 2011).

Checked my license portal regularly since and no new licenses have arrived nor any mails since i did my payment from the invoice i recieved from sales last week. I did send sales a few emails back with paypal proof of purchase and some extra details.

Basically while waiting for my new license (that did not come) i checked my portal and found i still had an old unused key there  from defunct old macbook, which i deleted and freed up one license that i have since activated on the target machine. So in my follow up mals i described that and requested if possible a refund/cancellation of last order.

Is there anyone else i need o contact as want to avoid sending more mails left and right confusing the matter.



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