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Eric Newbauer

EVO OS Version 4.0 Released

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EVO OS Version 4.0 is now released.

If you purchased an EVO storage system after June 1, 2012 you are eligible for a free upgrade to EVO OS v4. If you purchased prior to that date, please contact us for more information on upgrading your EVO.

What's New

EVO Version 4 is a major release, which includes many improvements to performance, setup, monitoring, security, and reliability. Some of the most notable additions and changes are summarized below.

Before upgrading the OS version on your Evo, it is imperative that you read the release notes and manual and plan for any changed functionality. Further, although an update to v.4.0 can be done with data in-place, a backup of all critical data should be completed and verified before beginning the update. You should also plan for a reboot, which will be required immediately after the upgrade process has finished.

If upgrading from a version prior to 3.0, please note: as a result of substantial changes to the handling of SAN+NAS volumes in version 3.0, you will need to recreate the NAS mapping of any existing SAN+NAS volumes after updating from 2.x to 3.x or higher. In some cases, such as SAN+NAS NTFS volumes and SAN+NAS volumes greater than 2TB, it may not be possible to restore the NAS mapping. These changes were necessary to improve stability and reliability of the SAN+NAS function.

In addition to these notes, there are several new features and options, which are documented in the relevant sections of the user manual.

New Features

  • EvoMount utility for enabling Avid-compatible Bin Sharing mode
  • Evo volumes can be shared with NFS
  • Simultaneous AFP, SMB, and SFTP shares are no longer Beta
  • Share Browser is no longer Beta
  • Improved support for 8Gb Fibre Channel
  • Ability to use SANmp Client (v.4.1 and higher) without a HASP key
  • Ability to use globalSAN initiator (in the upcoming v.5.2) without an activation key
  • Evo can advertise services using Avahi (compatible with Apple's Bonjour)
  • Evo can serve up WINS to assist SMB share discovery
  • Upload a CSV file to create many Evo users at once
  • Ping test in GUI to verify network connection settings


  • More tuning options available on System->Advanced page
  • Timezone is adjusted before local time is set
  • Recursive operations in Share Browser have been optimized
  • Expanded support for additional Ethernet cards

Known Issues

  • Fibre Channel clients must connect using FC-AL mode (8Gb)
  • ATTO FC adapters may require client-side manual data rate setting (see EVO V4 Welcome page)
  • Windows clients using ATTO FC adapter should modify MaximumSGList and MaxXferSize in Registry
  • APC devices in Back-UPS family are incompatible
  • Access via NFS to SANmp volumes (SAN+NAS) is not available

Please visit the EVO Shared Storage System page for more information about EVO.

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