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Larger capacity drives for X16?

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We have an older X16 with 4TB raw capacity using 16x250GB drives. With significantly larger drives easily avaialble these days is it possible to increase capacity by swapping drives? Here is the information on the RAID controller (of which there are 2 in the box):

Model: 8506-8

Serial number: F17700B4180881

PCB revision: Rev5

A Chip revision: 3.20

P Chip revision: 1.30-66

Firmware revision: FE8S

BIOS revision: BE7X

Monitor revision: ME7X

Number of ports: 8

And the flashware version is WSB 1500i MR4

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So no official word?

I have done some digging and I have seen reported that the 8506 series can have:

* 2TB per (raw) array max

* 2TB per drive max, larger drives will be truncated.

* 2TB total MAX with RAID5 since all disks must be in the same array for RAID5.

So, it _may_ be possible to set up each controller with 8x1TB drives as 4x2TB RAID1 arrays. If this scenario works I could get 16TB raw, 8TB capacity out of this controller. What is unclear is whether I actually can have 4 arrays per controller. Since the douments for the 8506-12 (12-port verion) say it can handle up to 12TB this might work.

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