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It's the old story, "I want to share my internet with bandwidth control, " but my question is different because there is an intelligent bandwidth control?

Control normal band: each MAC (PC) is limited to the band, even though the band being free of your connection will not pass x kbps.

Intelligent bandwidth control: each MAC (PC) has the right to band, there is no limitation, but the band will be divided according to need.


- Only one PC using the network: 100% band.

- Two pcs using the network: each pc with a 50% of the bandwidth, but if the first is using only 30%, then the second can use the remaining 70%.

- Two pcs using the network: either ordering the band maximum, each entitled to 50% of bandwidth.

Is there something or is to be implemented yet?

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Hello cyberworldbd,

We have no products that do this sort of thing. On my home machine, though, my firewall does some Quality-of-Service packet filtering like what you're describing. I recommend looking into the "Hierarchy Token Bucket" traffic shaper: http://linux.die.net/man/8/tc-htb

If you're wanting to do this with a SAN volume or other media access, I've got to warn you that there is some increase in latency for any sort of packet inspection or routing.

Best Regards,


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your networking equipment has potential to do layer 3 and layer 7 traffic shaping and throttling. Looking at cisco meraki equipment you can see there's a few options to limit bandwidth but nothing specific to being intelligent of the number of active devices and utilisation based on a percentage.

traffic shaping options


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