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Error: SANmp 3x is not compatible with Microsoft dynamic disks.

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I installed a few internal SATA drives on my Windows 7 64-bit workstation and striped them together. I use this raid-0 stripe to store preview and cache files while using Adobe CS6. Ever since I striped the drives I receive this message upon SANmp launch:

SANmp 3x is not compatible with Microsoft dynamic disks.

If you need to work with volumes greater than 2 TB, please upgrade to a supported 64-bit version of Windows. Under a 64-bit version of Windows you will be able to work directly with volumes greater than 2 TB.

If you must work with dynamic disks, you should use SANmp

Please see the SANmp manual for further details.

If I continue through the warning message everything appears to function correctly. Should I be concerned? Like I said, I primarily use the stripe as a render/preview/cache for the CS6 suite. I tend to keep my active project file on this drive while working (then copy it back to the SAN at the end of the day). Any advice is much appreciated.

Windows 7 Pro 64-bit

SANmp Version

(NTFS Formatted EVO)

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Hello tjimbro,

It sounds like the Dynamic Disk configuration you have is all local disks. SANmp is noticing you have Dynamic Disks and throwing up the warning because in older versions of SANmp, you could create Dynamic Disks out of your remote SAN volumes (Fibre Channel, iSCSI) and then turn that into a SANmp disk.

In our testing, we were never able to get the Dynamic Disk configuration to be completely stable. After workstation crashes and the like, the structure might get damaged to the point where Windows is not able to put the pieces back together. As a result, we dropped Dynamic Disk support from SANmp.

Using them side-by-side, you shouldn't have any problems beyond what you might have with any Dynamic Disk setup.

Best Regards,


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