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Eric Newbauer

OS X Mountain Lion compatibility

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Mountain Lion was released on Wednesday, July 25th. The compatibility status of current publicly released versions of SNS products is listed below:

SNS products have not yet been signed for Gatekeeper.

EVO v.

No known incompatilibities at this time. (However, as noted below, SANmp is not yet ML-compatible. Further, third-party applications may not be ML-compatible. Please carefully survey the compatibility of all systems/drivers/applications before upgrading your computer(s) to Mountain Lion.)

SANmp/iSANmp v.

Incompatibilities known and being addressed in GM build of v.4.1.

globalSAN Initiator and Xtarget v.

No known incompatilibities at this time.

[Edit: see this advisory regarding OS X 10.8.2]

Ellipse v.

As of OS X Lion, Apple includes MPIO support. The Ellipse driver can be uninstalled, enabling Apple's newer driver to take control of the Ellipse HBA.

Please open a case online if you need assistance or if you believe you've found a new issue in an SNS product due to the Mountain Lion upgrade.

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