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We have had SANmp since 2005. Over they years we expanded to 10 MAC seats and 20 volumes spread over six fibre channel controllers in three arrays. Largest volume is a newly created 4way stripe with 6.8TB space. Total san space is about 70TB.

We found SANmp volumes to be very stable, but have still lost some volumes to to hardware malfunction (one UPS failed in a power failure - leading to one 3TB volume lost) and also to user mistakes (leaving the SAN plugged in while installing a fresh Mac OS)...

Disk failures and controller failures generally don't cause data loss - touch wood. A serious controller failure writing junk to disk can also cause big problems, but we have not had such a problem in the 7 years on SANmp.

We have always been able to back up critical volumes to other volumes on the SAN, but our space requirements grew exponentially since clients shot on camera cards and want to keep footage forever...

We feel DLT tape is expensive and slow. If we lose a whole volume, it will take days to restore from tape. Backing up to firewire disks work ok but they become unreliable when the firewire chains get too long... We resorted to archiving to 2TB WD green disks (always two copies...) before deleting stuff, but keeping a daily backup that way is totally impractical.

What do you use for backing up critical volumes? Hardware and software? Would you recommend it?



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Hello Francois,

For Archive, according to many, nothing beats LTO tape, but as you say it can be expensive and slow. There is some new technology on the market now with LTFS solutions which are quite interesting.

As far as your current method of backing up SAN volumes to two copies of 2TB SATA drives:

How do you currently manage backup copies, with Finder copies?

While such backup solutions are convenient and inexpensive, relying on the Finder to copy all of your data, can be risky. Tools that provide the ability to copy data while also doing a verify can be of great benefit in ensuring your backup copies are bit accurate and that no errors have been generated in the data transfer.

A few tools on the Mac can offer this functionality along with Full Backup and Incremental Backup settings.

Here are some tools on the Mac you might look into for managing these backups:



Atempo Time Navigator

There are many other tools out there, and I hope other users chime in here with solutions they're using. Hopefully this gets you started with some good options.



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I have a separate NAS to handle onsite Backups. We find this works well & is quick to pull stuff back from if Evo fails.

Use Goodsync Application to handle the backup. Works well.

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