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I have a few keys for globalSan and I am trying to setup/use it with Xsan admin and an esata drobo FS. Is there any docs on using XSAN over iSCSI with globalSan initiator?

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Hello Ragboy,

We are having difficulty telling if your Drobo S or an FS model. The FS model offers no eSATA but offers a NIC, while the S model offers no NIC but has eSATA.

Assuming your Drobo is connected to your Xsan server via eSATA, you will need an iSCSI target running on our Xsan server so it can accept iSCSI connections. You will also need an iSCSI Initiator on each client you wish to connect via iSCSI.

With globalSAN, we offer both. You can install globalSAN's 'Xtarget' (iSCSI Target) on your Xsan server and globalSAN's iSCSI Initiator on each workstation to provide a complete iSCSI solution for both your servers and your clients.



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It is the S model, with USB 3 and eSATA. I understand how to setup the initiator and target, just thought globalSan was compatible with xsan admin and client on lion, so I can use that instead of sanmp for better compat with FCP.

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What version of Final Cut are you using? 7 or X (10)?

If you're going to use iSCSI with XSAN, you still need to follow the best practices for setting up an XSAN environment, replacing Fibre Channel connected storage with iSCSI connected storage. XSAN requires separate Metadata controllers, a GbE metadata network (separate from the iSCSI network), a dedicated LUN for metadata, and then storage pools available for Media.

Aside from it's lack of network functionality I don't think you're going to pull all of this off with your Drobo.

As Barry mentioned, you can use our Xtarget software to present your Drobo S as iSCSI storage for other users. If you're to use this storage as such with an XSAN environment, then the system running Xtarget would need be dedicated to only bridging storage to iSCSI, not also acting as an XSAN client or MDC.

You can also use Xtarget with our iSANmp software, which offers a simple alternative workflow to an XSAN network, and does not require metadata networks, metadata controllers, or metadata LUNs, and it can run on the same system as the Xtarget software as well.

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Hopping on to this thread as I'm having similar issues with configuring GlobalSAN initiator / Xtarget with XSAN.

Here's a quick run down of my setup.

MACPRO1 running Mountain Lion. I've JBOD the internal 4 x 2TB WD drives via SATA (I know I know, I've forsaken redundancy for capacity), and this mounts as an 8TB volume. The startup disk is on a separate 1.5TB disk connected via SATA in place of the second optical drive. This Mac Pro has GlobalSAN initiator and Xtarget to present this volume as iSCSI SAN and XSAN is enabled.

MACMINI running Mountain Lion Server, with a GlobalSAN initiator license and XSAN admin. This is to act as the MDC.

2 Client MACPROs running Mountain Lion, with GlobalSAN initiator license and XSAN enabled.

All of these machines have an ethernet port connected to a gigabit switch separate from the main internet network. I've manually assigned IP's to each machine.

On MACPRO1, I've set the Initiator to see the 'Local Xtarget Server' and connect Xtarget to mount the 8TB LUN as an iSCSI volume.

I can see that the volume appear on all of the iSCSI initiated machines as I've set all of the initiators to the MACPRO1 portal.

On MACMINI I use XSAN admin to create the SAN.

I set the MACMINI as a controller and the MACPRO1 and client MACPRO's as clients.

Following the steps I am able to create a SAN profile, with controllers and clients configured as members.

My issue is that the connected machines cannot see any visible LUNs, therefore preventing me from creating manageable volumes on the iSCSI network.

The reason behind this setup is that while SANmp could easily manage multiple users accessing a single SAN LUN, it prevent's simultaneous multiple r/w access.

This is becomes cumbersome when trying to scale up.

Can anyone please tell me if I've made an error in my setup and or advise on any method to make this setup work?

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It sounds like you only have one MDC. You'll want to have two, leaving the Xtarget machine as a client.

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