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I installed the trial version of initiator but I also noticed you have a recent product globalSAN Xtarget Storage Server

I am going to tell you what I do have, what I want to do, and you tell me what do I need

We work on Mac OS Lion, Mac Pros and iMacs. We have Final Cut X. We have Synology Diskstation DS+1512 (I believe RAID5, I am not tech sorry

We need to store Final Cut events and projects on the Diskstation. When working on Final Cut X with USB disk is horribly slow.

We created a iSCSI target and LUN (file system).

We also have Parallels virtual machine on the SSD, the idea would be to move this virtual machine to the iSCSI volume. I am not sure if performance will suffer considerably. Anyway we are not active users of Windows 7, but we need it for certain programs.

I am not sure if by moving the file onto the iSCSI volume I will be able to open it from different machines (obviously not concurrent use)

Which software do you suggest? Can we create a iSCSI volume for example 1TB with 1 partition to accomplish all this?

Thank You

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Regarding the question about using different machines with your Diskstation's iSCSI volume, please see this post.

Regarding what you could do with Xtarget Storage Server, you could take any existing storage you have (USB, Thunderbolt, etc.) and use your Mac to present that storage over iSCSI instead of using the Diskstation. (Or in addition to it...)

Here's a link to our page so you can learn more about globalSAN Xtarget Storage Server -- there's also a brief video on it.

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Thank you for the reply. I configured the iSCSI volume as file sharing instead of block. One final question would be, does your product iSanmp have the features of globalSAN initiator, or do you need both?

Could you give me a link to prices? Thank you

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