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Complete Newbie needing help :-)

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Hi Guys!!!

First post so be nice!

I've recently just bought 3 x Globalsan X4's with 2TB in each unit, I use Mac and windows currently,

I've bought the units as I'm a home cinema buff and wanted something reliable to handle all my media and these fit the purpose from the description. However, I'm a complete Novice to this side of things as I'm used to using a Buffalo Terastation!!

My current setup is as follows:

3 x X4's connected to a netgear Hub which is upstairs in my office, It's fed off of the Gbit port on my Belkin router, to which the main cable goes upstairs, connects to the netgear hub, A Dell Optiplex 745 is also connected directly to this hub as I prefer wired upstairs, all other pc's and Mac's are wireless downstairs (Apart from my Macbook Pro which I'm using as we speak)


What the 3 X4's arrived, with 2 discs, one is the client disk (sanmp), the other is the Admin & Client disk and in another box, came an Admin USB key.

To set everything up, do I need to connect the X4's directly to a pc first to configure or are they ok connected to my hub etc?

Soo far, I used the IsanMP client download, installed on my Mac (Lion OS) and it'll ask for username and password, Am I correct the the user is Admin and the password is Adminpw11?

Sorry if all this is too much to ask, But i'm not familiar with this kind of setup!!!

All I want, is for all the computers, media receivers etc to view the X4's as drives so I can backup, recover, transfer etc etc!!

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I've plugged in the first unit into my Macbook and followed the guide to setup the IP address to which I chose (Set my router to allow only 25 IP addresses in range)

Just out of curiosity, Is there any other software that's known to work? It seems a bit annoying that You need software installed to use the GlobalSan?

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It's going nowhere at the moment, I've tried it on Windows as per the instructions, I tried the default IP of to which it will have a stable Gbit connection, I then install Client SanMP, this asks for the username and password, I enter the default of Admin and adminpw11 and it says login failed. If it's going to be this awkward then I guess I'll have to sell them on as I wanted something straight forward and reliable, It's soo reliable that not a single computer can access it!!!!

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