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SanMP with Drobo b800i?

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My company purchased a drobo b800i this summer, but some of the work we did from it caused drobo dashboard to fail so we started using globalsan to connect.globalsan works great. However, we needed to connect to two macs and use multiple volumes on the device at the same time, so we tried sanmp. We already had a few terabytes of data saved on the device, so we used the sanmp feature that allows you to mount volumes without converting them. Everything works great, except that:

as we delete files, no more space is freed on the drobo device. Sanmp shows the proper amount of available space, but the drobo doesn't recognize the freed space. We now have appx. 3.5tb of data on our device, but the drobo thinks it is completely full.

Any ideas?

PS-please put any possible solutions in layman's terms because I'm brand new to this.

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Lamp, I can send you a procedure that will update the Drobo, but you will need the dashboard running on one system.

Is there a reason the dashboard can not be used on one system?

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Here is what I came up with when working with another user.

The Drobo Dashboard must be used to mount the volume. If the GlobalSAN or other iSCSI initiators are used, this is expected behavior. The Dashboard needs to communicate with the Drobo in order to update the available filespace accordingly.

The bad part about this is that you can only have the Drobo Dashboard mount a drive on one system. If you use one system to mount the drive, you should be still able to then mount the drive on other systems with GlobalSAN.

Using the Drobo Dashboard to mount the volume while SANmp is installed:

You will first need to run this from a terminal:

sudo rm -r /System/Library/Extensions/SANmpDiskStimulator*

(there must be a password set for the user account. If there is not, this command will silently fail)

You will then need to reboot the workstation.

After the reboot, you should be able to mount the volume from the Drobo Dashboard.

Using SANmp admin, convert the drive, set permissions, and log out of SANmpAdmin.

For the monitoring to work, the volume must then be mounted in SANmp Client (read only is fine) with that system.

If this system unmounts the drive while other systems are connected, you will not be able to mount the volume with the Drobo Dashboard until they disconnect.

We hope this helps,


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