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Eric Newbauer

SANmp v.4 (Mac/Windows BETA) available for download

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We're happy to announce that Version 4.0 (BETA) of SANmp for Mac and Windows is available here:

Mac (SANmp Beta)



Windows (SANmp Beta)

32-bit and 64-bit:


The Client and Admin are bundled into one installer. To install SANmp Admin, launch the SANmp installer and choose the Customize option. You'll be able to install Admin and Client at the same time with only one restart cycle.

New Features

  • Support for Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Non-destructive conversion option (Mac only)
  • Support for journaled HFS+ volumes (Mac only)
  • Ability to rename a volume (without erase) in SANmp Admin
  • Support direct conversion from GUID/GPT partitioned volumes
  • SANmp Admin can now import/export users and passwords
  • Option in SANmp Admin to enforce strong passwords
  • Option in SANmp Admin to force a user to reset his/her password
  • SANmp Admin GUI has a new Status report
  • SANmp Admin new menu item: Add all users to all disks
  • SANmp Admin new menu item: Select all unconverted volumes (Mac only)
  • SANmp Admin has a new per-volume current user list
  • Toggle for AUSV option (Allow Unconverted SAN Volumes)
  • Volume free space now stored in SANmp database
  • Write Exclusive compatibility with NTFS-3G (Mac only)
  • Improved feedback when a file system check (fsck) is required (Mac only)
  • Display status of manual sync in SANmp Client


  • All SANmp files are now digitally signed (Windows only)
  • Updated Explorer icons to indicate mount mode (Windows only)
  • Changed CLI's timer to improve handling of long idle time
  • OS-specific decimal vs. binary calculation of space

Known Issues

  • Intermittent issues with non-English language OS
  • Excessive login/mount times in very large SAN environments

For immediate updates, follow Studio Network Solutions on Twitter. Visit our website for more information on SANmp.

Please note: These files will be removed when final versions are publicly released. Final versions of all software can be be obtained here.

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