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Eric Newbauer

SANmp v.3.1 (Mac/Windows Beta) (Snow Leopard compatibility) available for download

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We're happy to announce that Version 3.1 (Beta) of SANmp for Mac and Windows is available here:

Mac (SANmp Beta)

32-bit: http://www.snsftp.com/guest/SANmpMac_3.1.6.343_BETA.dmg

Windows (SANmp Beta)

32-bit: http://www.snsftp.com/guest/SANmpWin_3.1.5..._32bit_BETA.zip

64-bit: http://www.snsftp.com/guest/SANmpWin_3.1.5..._64bit_BETA.zip

The Client and Admin are bundled into one installer. To install SANmp Admin, launch the SANmp installer and choose the Customize option. You'll be able to install Admin and Client at the same time with only one restart cycle.

New Features

  • 32-bit Snow Leopard compatibility
  • Ability to do mass converts now also in OS X
  • Change permissions for all selected users in one operation
  • SANmp Client can be run under Power User account in Windows XP
  • Maintenance mode now supports third party utilities
  • Double-click mounted volume in SANmp Client to reveal in Finder/Explorer
  • New contextual menu in SANmp Client
  • Option to auto-refresh SANmp Client window on focus
  • Support for shared logins (one account, multiple workstations)
  • Option to login concurrently to CLI and GUI


  • Addressed incompatibility with XDCAM driver
  • Now using launchd

We've just created a Twitter account so that we can notify everyone more quickly about product updates. Be the first (literally!) to follow us!

For immediate updates, follow Studio Network Solutions on Twitter. Visit our website for more information on SANmp.

Please note: These files will be removed when final versions are publicly released. Final versions of all software can be be obtained here.

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