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Eric Newbauer

SANmp v.3.0 (Beta) Released

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We're happy to announce that Version 3.0 (Beta) of SANmp for Mac and Windows is available here:

Mac (SANmp Beta)


Windows (SANmp Beta)

32-bit: http://www.snsftp.com/guest/SANmpWin_3.0.0.98_32bit_BETA.zip

64-bit: http://www.snsftp.com/guest/SANmpWin_3.0.0.98_64bit_BETA.zip

We welcome your feedback via the forum, or, send an email to support. Thanks!

The Client and Admin are now bundled into one installer. To install SANmp Admin, launch the SANmp installer and choose the Customize option. You'll be able to install Admin and Client at the same time with only one restart cycle.

New Features

  • Major GUI updates
  • Volume list shows more information (capacity, filesystem, etc.)
    - New Group View in the Volume List
    - New drive icons to better indicate mount permissions
  • SANmp CLI can now be run independent of the GUI
  • SANmp Client now lists all users who have a volume mounted
  • Support for 64-bit Windows XP

Minor Improvements

  • Using the Logout menu item brings up a window to log in as a different user
  • Select multiple volumes for autosync
  • Drive icons indicate if another user has a volume mounted WX
  • Tool tips on all buttons in both Admin and Client
  • User settings are now persistent in Client
  • In the Queue window (SANmp Admin Windows), the Clear button now clears only selected volumes
  • If a user's password is not the same on all SANmp disks, the username is marked with an asterisk in SANmp Admin
  • Volume info tab in SANmp Client now shows the drive letter on Windows
  • New shortcut keys
    - select all mounted volumes
    - show volume list


  • General stability improvements for Windows and Mac OS X
  • In some cases, Pro Tools 7.4 on windows crashed with multiple partitions
  • iSCSI target incompatibility with Windows Server 2003
  • iPod will not mount
  • Pro Tools 7.4 unable to write to HFS+ SANmp volumes in some cases

Known Issues

  • Microsoft dynamic disks are no longer supported (If you must access volumes >2TB with SANmp 3.0, you must upgrade to 64-bit Windows XP)
  • Uninstall will fail if either Admin or Client is currently running
  • If a SANmp volume is reformatted with a utility such as MacDrive, the filesystem reported by SANmp may be wrong
  • On Mac OS X, the filesystem for unmounted volumes shows as N/A

Please note: These files will be removed when final versions are publicly released. Final versions of all software can be be obtained here.

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