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Eric Newbauer

Postmap v1.8 (Leopard compatibility) Released

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Postmap v.1.8 has been released to the public.

This version contains many new features!

New Features

On-The-Fly Indexing for HFS+ Volumes

Now, in addition to scheduled indexing, you can set Postmap to perform indexing "on the fly." Changes made to the contents of the file system are immediately reflected in the Postmap database. The OTF indexer watches all mounted volumes for the following events:

  • File Creation
  • Folder Creation
  • File modification
  • Moving of the file/folder to another folder within the same volume
  • Rename of the file/folder

Improved scheduled indexing for HFS+ Volumes

Now, when scheduled indexing is performed, the indexer checks the file system to see if changes were made since the last index. If no changes were made then the indexing run is skipped for that volume.

SANmp Integration, including new drive icons

All the functions of SANmp Client have been completely integrated into Postmap. SANmp customers can now use a single application to search all their storage and access their SANmp volumes. To take advantage of the SANmp functionality integrated into Postmap, all you need is a valid SANmp dongle for each workstation.

Inherited Metadata

It's now possible to add/edit metadata for all items in a folder, simply by assigning the metadata at the folder level and clicking a button!

Drag and drop multiple files within the UI and drag them into applications

Search results can now be dragged into Final Cut Pro and Pro Tools sessions.

Assign/Edit metadata for multiple items at once

You can now select multiple items and assign/edit metadata in a single operation.

Support for eSAS and eSATA devices

Postmap can now index an ever larger variety of devices! Postmap now supports the latest eSAS and eSATA devices, in addition to SANmp and Xsan volumes, file server shares, FireWire/USB storage, and others.

Database backup features are now built into the Admin UI

The Postmap Administrator application now has an integrated backup solution.

Many additional enhancements, including:

  • Leopard compatibility
  • Greatly improved indexing performance
  • Greatly improved search performance
  • Enhanced logging for Server functions
  • Ability to scroll through previous searches
  • GUI settings are now "Sticky"
  • New contextual menus throughout the Client UI for Postmap and SANmp functions
  • New "gas gauge" indicators show storage specs at-a-glance in Postmap Client
  • Unique ID and hyperlink for every file in the database

Version 1.8 build 150 is a free upgrade and is available for evaluation at http://www.trypostmap.com

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