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  1. Have a few question regarding to sns iSCSI Initiator and globalSAN... I have some experiencing with Xsan so I am aware how Xsan can and will function connected to workstation over fibre. But we have received a new solution with iSCSI using s Synology RAID/NAS. The gentlemen who setup this solution mentioned there is no need to setup the new solution with a Xsan since using iSCSI works on the Block Level and is being managed with the Synology hardware. This is the setup: A Mac Pro as the controller which is configured with Apple Server with Shared Folder (AFP) and connected over Ethernet 10G to the Synology RAID. Does this make sense? Why even have a Mac Pro as a controller if the Synology is managing the Data right? Also wouldn't the Xsan boost the speed even if the clients are connected over Shared Folders? There is NO plan in the future to install a Initiator on each Mac to give direct access to the RAID as if there is a Xsan setup over Fiber. Thanks