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Found 9 results

  1. I have 5 volumes, 3 that were purchased originally and 2 that were added about a year ago. This morning, the original 3 volumes disappeared from the volume list and there is the following fault: DG + FAULTY LD + Anyone have any idea what this means? Most of the drives in the array have orange tallies. Thanks.
  2. Someone please help me as I'm going insane! I have installed SANmp client but I can't log in....the message I receive is 'SANmp disks connected, but no user accounts found.' I'm not sure what username and password I am meant to be using a I didn't set any up and its not my usual admin log in. I am advised to create a SANmp user but can't find how to do that anywhere. Please help!
  3. Hi! Here is our setup: SERVER globalSAN with Xtarget on Mac OS X 10.10.5 SANmp Admin/Client 4 x 2TB NTFS Volume Format CLIENTS iSCSI Initiator on Windows7 SP1 SANmp Client Everything works great! But we have a problem when we try to add a "higher than 2TB" NTFS Volume to the setup. It works great on the Mac Client. But when connected to the Windows Client, Windows asks if we want to Format the disk. Any workaround aside using a HFS Volume? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello, Is there a known timeframe of when a file is written to an Evo volume and when SANmp processes that file? When using the Synchronize feature to refresh a SANmp volume that another user has just written a file too, it seems that there is a slight (very slight) delay before that file is presented to SANmp. In my case, it seems about 30 seconds after a file is written that I can access it. If I hit Synchronize a few times before the 30 seconds, the finder browser does not show that file. If I wait patiently for about 30 seconds and then hit Synchronize, then everything is as expected. If this is normal expected behavior, is there a preference to speed that up? Thanks Ray MAC 10.9.5 All Fibre - No Nas Latest versions of SANmp
  5. Hi everyone, We have just started a trial of iscsi initiator, SANmp and Xtarget. Everything seems to be set up fine and the drive has shared back to the local server fine. The trouble seems to be with the SANmp admin app, which won't change users passwords and seems to be just making it's own up. We can't see the password so then can't connect any computers. If you try to delete users it crashes, if you try to reset data for the drive it crashes. Seems massively unstable and obviously not something we could consider buying if it doesn't work. The machine is running 10.9.2, 8gb of RAM, mac mini server. Thanks Martin
  6. Hi all, I'm using an Episode encoding workflow with the SAN and it's periodically losing sync. I have an Xserve that provides the SAN connections to all of the Episode machines via standard file saving. At least a few times a week I have to resync the SAN or reboot the Episode machines and the Xserve to restablish the connection. Will a newer version of SANmp or Mac OS help improve the sync? My machines are currently running Leopard and SANmp Thanks, Travis
  7. I installed a few internal SATA drives on my Windows 7 64-bit workstation and striped them together. I use this raid-0 stripe to store preview and cache files while using Adobe CS6. Ever since I striped the drives I receive this message upon SANmp launch: SANmp 3x is not compatible with Microsoft dynamic disks. If you need to work with volumes greater than 2 TB, please upgrade to a supported 64-bit version of Windows. Under a 64-bit version of Windows you will be able to work directly with volumes greater than 2 TB. If you must work with dynamic disks, you should use SANmp Please see the SANmp manual for further details. If I continue through the warning message everything appears to function correctly. Should I be concerned? Like I said, I primarily use the stripe as a render/preview/cache for the CS6 suite. I tend to keep my active project file on this drive while working (then copy it back to the SAN at the end of the day). Any advice is much appreciated. Windows 7 Pro 64-bit SANmp Version (NTFS Formatted EVO)
  8. I am experiencing difficulties with getting getting 3 out of 4 of my partitioned drives to appear in SANmp Client and Admin disk manager. For some reason it is only showing one of my 4 partitioned drives in available disks. Half of the drives in my promise media raid enclosure are showing a red light above a consistent green light. I'm not sure what all of this could mean but I'm hoping that I have not lost any data and that the system may have a safety or reboot mode. I really need assistance with this ASAP. Thanks, M
  9. Please Help.

    I currently have two MacPros networked together with a gigabit ethernet cable. I'll call them machine 1 and machine 2. Both machines have trial versions of SANmp client, SANmp admin, and globalSAN iSCSI Initiator and Xtarget installed on them. My end goal is to have both computers run FCPX and access the same HD drive over the network at the same time. Machine 1 has a 2TB firewire800 drive connected to it. The drive has been converted using the SANmp software and then I was able to locally mount it to my desktop. It appears as a sanMP RW drive. On machine 2 I open up SANmp client and log in...I can't seen my 2TB firewire800 drive connected over the network to machine 1. How can I connect both computers? I assume that I need to set up a portal in Initiator on machine 2 to connect to machine 1...though when I try to connect I get a connection error "Code E3FF83BD. The globalSAN initiator is not activated. Click the License button to activate." When I go under the Xtarget License tab it says "Trial mode: 11 days left." Is there anyway to test this software on both computers without purchasing it? ___ Question 2: Is it possible to make FCPX recognize a SANmp drive as a SAN location? Basically in FCPX I would like to click File > Add SAN location and add a shared SANmp drive. FCPX currently won't let me at my SANmp RW drive mounted locally on my desktop.