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  1. Hey SNS, I had posted this on StarWind's forums, as I think this is an issue for them, but could you a look and see if this could be an issue on GlobalSAN/iSANmp's side? https://forums.starwindsoftware.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=4577 Thanks!
  2. I'm hoping someone can help out a complete newbie to both EVO and networking in general.....I apologise in advance! I am working in MCR for a post production facility, using an EVO. There are two partitions which I have been asked to switch to iSCSI from NAS.......I have no idea how this is done so if anyone could shed some light that would be great! We also run Baselight on a Linux system and was wondering if it possible to connect this to the EVO....I have been told it is not possible but our out of house IT guru seems to think it is and it is now my job to make it work. PLEASE HELP! Thanks, Beth
  3. We've been struggling with GlobalSAN under OS X 10.7.5 server talking to a Dell Equallogic SAN and wanted to share for anyone else who will be experiencing problems. If you are not aware, the Equallogic is an enterprise class SAN device. On one site we have two physical boxes in a single group providing over 150TB of iSCSI storage. Each device has multiple gigabit connections into our network backbone, and each gigabit link has it's own IP address. We bought a license for GlobalSAN so that our OS X fileserver could utilise 10TB of storage for Mac clients using AFP. Everything will work fine, until the Equallogic performs a load-balancing operation which basically disconnects a client causing it to reconnect, at which point it will be directed to the interface that is least busy. When using GlobalSAN, this is effectively similar to someone yanking out the USB cable of an external USB drive, then quickly connecting it back in again. The problem is that from OSX's point of view, if the reconnection happens before the drive is dismounted, this results in a second volume with ' 1' appended to the end. i.e. if your iSCSI volume is called 'Data', you will end up after such an operation with a volume called 'Data 1' mounted, then 'Data' disappears. The problem is this breaks Apple's file server which behaves as though the volume was simply unplugged. *Sometimes* it recovers quickly enough to continue sharing files, however any sessions get disconnected. This is obviously extremely disruptive for all Mac clients who get disconnected from the fileserver and in some cases have to reboot. Other times it doesn't, which causes a denial of service to our users. We reboot the server in this case, but sometimes the server freezes on reboot and the crash report indicates the problem was the GlobalSAN extension. We are assuming that it basically has difficulty coping with the Equallogic load-balancing operation. When it recovers, we repeatedly get the error in the system log: kernel: GLO Warning: error during the recoveryThe connection is also orange in the system preference. We did contact GlobalSAN support (#208219) however a resolution was not forthcoming. Due to the amount of complaints from our users we had to find an alternative solution, so we have purchased a license for the ATTO iSCSI client, and we have been running this now without a single issue for the last two weeks or so, so this would suggest a problem with the GlobalSAN client. It's a shame because this is literally the only issue we have had with the GlobalSAN software. Hope this is of use to Equallogic users.
  4. Hello, I am wanting to try out GlobalSan iScsi. I have setup iScsi in my WD ex4 NAS drive. I have it connected in GlobalSan on my Mac. But I can not format the hard drive. I am getting an error Disk Erase Failed. POSIX reports: The operation couldn't be completed. Resource busy. Does anyone know what this means and how I go about getting the hard drive formatted. Thanks
  5. Hi, We have a iSCSI storage mounted on a Windows Server who is sharing it to clients. Our backup-server is a Mac and has globalSAN iSCSI initiator installed. Is it possible to mount this iSCSI volume also on the Mac, but read only (because of the block level mount) so we can backup the data over iSCSI (instead of SMB, which is not working properly). thanks, Lucas
  6. I just tried for the fun of it, to do an ssh port forwarding : ssh -L 3000: myhomeserver.com I have done this with many other products like databases and other. I was just wondering if this wasn't working by design, or if there actually was something I could do about this ? The only thing I see in the logs on the server is after the rescan finishes is : Feb 24 09:49:25 q tgtd: conn_close(101) connection closed, 0x24c51f8 1 Trausti
  7. Hi - I'm testing out the Initiator, and have installed the 5.2 beta on OS X 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion), before I upgrade to Mavericks. I have the initiator mounting a DroboPro correctly, however whenever I do any reads of the mounted disk, my console log fills up with: [datestamp] kernel: disk2s2: I/O error Over & over again. Could this be a beta issue, or is there a general problem connecting to Drobos? The globalSAN control panel tells me that there is an error applying "Header and Error" detection on the target. Thanks
  8. Hi there, I wonder if I could use two Apple Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet Adapters aggregated together + with iSCSI Initiator and connect 27" iMac to QNAP 870 storage box? 27" iMac has two Thunderbolt ports. I have a Mac Pro connected via dedicated switch and LACP aggregated ports to another QNAP 869 Pro and get ~180-200 Mb/s throughput meaning that QNAP box is capable of ~200 Mb/s speeds. I understand that new Mac Pro will have more Thunderbolt ports, but no expandable ethernet, so my question applies to the new mac Pro as well. Thank you for your time! shpokas
  9. I am very new to virtualization. I successfully configured my windows 7 desktop with iSCSI to openfiler LUN and a volume is showing on my computer. But I have one query- I did the same configuration in another windows 7 desktop which is on the same network and I am able to see that same physical volume on that computer too. However, when I copied a file on the volume of computer 1, it is not showing in computer 2. I am confused?
  10. Simple question - has anyone tried using the iSCSi Initiator and and globalSAN Xtarget for an iPhoto Library over a WAN link? Here's my usage case - I have a 47GB iPhoto library. I have a 2012 Macbook Air with 128GB of storage. I'm fortunate enough to have a 10 - 15Mbit downlink wherever I go. I'd like to have my iPhoto library stored on a Mac Mini with 5Mbit uplink. I would be the only user who is accessing the Xtarget storage server. Typical usage case would be dumping a week or two worth of photos (around 300-400Mb of .jpg's/.mov files) into iPhoto from the locally connected device. Yes, I'm aware that w/iCloud, photos can be synced and brought into iPhoto automatically. Granted, I'm well aware with the costs associated with this setup ($90 for the initiator, $900 for the Xtarget Storage Server). This is...primarily for research. Just wondering if anyone has used these two Studio Network products in this manner before.
  11. Hey everyone, I recently update to OSX Lion 10.7.3 and lost access to my Iscsi target on my NAS Server. Steps I have done. I have downloaded the latest version of Iscsi Initiator. Ran the uninstall command. Rebooted, Ran installer, Reboot once again and try to launch "Globalsan Iscsi" which give me the message about "must close and reopen" which I click ok, then the following message I receive is "Unable to Launch Globalsan iscsi application. your software is improperly installed etc etc etc" Please help Thanks in advance! -Larry
  12. Our shop is shifting away from Mac Pros to PCs in the coming year. We'll still use our existing Macs but all new purchases will be of the PC variety (Windows 7). Our EVO ( is currently formatted HFS+. I believe I read in the forum that Mediafour's MacDrive is the approved translation software. Is this still correct? We currently have two Mac Pros attached via fibre channel and some Mac Book Pros occasionally connecting via iSCSI. The new PC workstations would connect via fibre channel. Is anyone out there currently running a "mixed office" on HFS+ arrays? Can you offer any advice to this newbie? Any help is much appreciated. -T.J.