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  1. So I recently acquired the SNS 4 Bay EVO Prodigy Desktop and set it up as a NAS for use with my OSX editing stations. I also installed Sharebrowser Server V4.4.1057.9. My team has come to the conclusion that we don't need the project locking features and we are trying to uninstall/turn off Sharebrowser. What is the best way to go about this? I tried using the Admin web portal to uninstall the packages but couldn't find anything. Do I just delete the Sharebrowser EXE file in the root of my logical disk?
  2. Hi there, My EVO unit was perfectly fine a day ago, but today I tried logging into iSANmp and I get a "No SAN disks connected" warning. Turns out the EVO unit won't boot. It powers on, but I get this error during the startup sequence (hooked up a VGA monitor to see what was going on since I couldn't log in): Kernel alive Kernel direct mapping tables up to 230000000 @ 8000-12000 PANIC: early exception 0e rip 10:ffffffff80704e10 error 0 cr 2 10 The system doesn't get any further than that and has to be powered off. Any ideas? Thanks.
  3. We had a power outage this morning and now the EVO server is saying there is no boot device. I took out the boot drive and tried to read it on my desktop and I hear it clicking but it will not see the drive. That is not good. It is dead. What is the easiest way to remedy this problem. I have another 2.5 in drive, but where do I download the OS software and will I lose my configs for the raid and users settings? Thanks.
  4. After experiencing some Avid playback issues, we're looking at different ways to maximize our server efficiency. So there's the larger EVO Pools / Volumes that are broken down into smaller partitions. Then we designate each partition to a show. So let's say I have 2 Pools that are broken down into 4 smaller partitions each. Would it be better for server performance to have all the footage related to one show located on one volume, or spread it out as much as possible? So it's a choice between the following... 1. Having all the footage related to a show located on one Volume would probably be less taxing for an individual workstation to access all of that footage. However if many workstations are accessing that same Volume, it seems like it would have a higher chance of bottlenecking. Volume A -Show_1_Drive_01 -Show_1_Drive_02 -Show_1_Drive_03 -Show_1_Drive_04 Volume B -Show_2_Drive_01 -Show_2_Drive_02 -Show_2_Drive_03 -Show_2_Drive_04 2. Distributing the footage across 2 or more Pools. It seems like it would be more taxing on individual workstations to access several volumes. However with multiple workstations accessing different volumes, I would think there would be less chance of bottlenecking. Volume A -Show_1_Drive_01 -Show_1_Drive_02 -Show_2_Drive_01 -Show_2_Drive_02 Volume B -Show_1_Drive_03 -Show_1_Drive_04 -Show_2_Drive_03 -Show_2_Drive_04 Basically we're looking to improve overall performance moving forward. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi - I'm curious about whether the EVO would be an appropriate product for my task. I need to: - Ingest 5 video streams from a Tricaster, as well as 4 ISO audio feeds from a mixing console - After the day of shooting is done, maintain 1 copy as an archive on the EVO, and have 2 clones of that ingested data physically disperse to different locations. I'm curious if the EVO can handle all of that or if it would require additional systems. I was reading about the new integration with Tricaster and it sounds impressive but I'm unsure as to the extent of its capabilities. Any help is much appreciated!
  6. Apparently the power was out at my business for an extended period of time after I left the office yesterday. How do I get it up and running again? Tried opening XTarget/Global SAN and it's showing the three volumes but it will not connect. Not sure if I need to plug in my computer directly with an ethernet cable into one of the ethernet ports on the EVO or what. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hi, On Monday I replaced a failed drive on our EVO and let it rebuild overnight. When I came in on Tuesday morning the 5 volumes that we normally use for video storage all reported to be in good health. There was a smaller, hardly ever used volume that was reporting an error but, because it's not used that much, I didn't feel the need to get it sorted immediately. In the afternoon there were 3 users using the EVO and, at about the same time, we all got the Mac OS "the disk was ejected unexpectedly... etc" error message and it appeared we were disconnected from the EVO. The SanMP client windows still showed the workstations as being connected but any attempts to unmount or remount the volume resulted in SanMP hanging - force quiting out of the software was the only option. Restarting the application gave no joy either. The workstations hung on restarting / shutdown as well and twice I have had to hold in the button on the tower to force a shutdown. This is not an ideal situation obviously. At the moment I have advised our editors to copy active projects to local hard drives and work from them at the moment. Has anyone got any ideas as to what the error might be? Thanks in advance, David
  8. I installed a few internal SATA drives on my Windows 7 64-bit workstation and striped them together. I use this raid-0 stripe to store preview and cache files while using Adobe CS6. Ever since I striped the drives I receive this message upon SANmp launch: SANmp 3x is not compatible with Microsoft dynamic disks. If you need to work with volumes greater than 2 TB, please upgrade to a supported 64-bit version of Windows. Under a 64-bit version of Windows you will be able to work directly with volumes greater than 2 TB. If you must work with dynamic disks, you should use SANmp Please see the SANmp manual for further details. If I continue through the warning message everything appears to function correctly. Should I be concerned? Like I said, I primarily use the stripe as a render/preview/cache for the CS6 suite. I tend to keep my active project file on this drive while working (then copy it back to the SAN at the end of the day). Any advice is much appreciated. Windows 7 Pro 64-bit SANmp Version (NTFS Formatted EVO)
  9. Hey guys and/or gals! I have a question regarding the Evo. We just installed one for a client and everything seems to be working well except for the fact that only 1 person can mount the drive at a time, while the others can mount it as read only. Is there a way so that multiple users can read/write to this at the same time? If it makes a lick of difference, our evo is setup with 8 drives in a raid 5 for a total of 12TB in storage. All workstations are connected via FC. There are currently 4 users that need read/write access. The users are setup in admin with read/write (no write exclusive). Any feed back would be appreciated! Thanks in advance! *EDIT* Does anyone have some kind of answer? Kinda silly how this expensive product can only allow one person to mount the drive at once when it states that this is used for file sharing/SAN/NAS. Also, forgot to mention in my previous post, this network is consisted of only Mac's running OSX 10.7.4. *Side Note* Actually, no one has to reply to this. I've had nothing but issues with this product which was supposed to be "set and forget". The SanMP software is horrendous and causes nothing but issues as well. Between the constant formats, drive conversions, limited read/write capabilities, and lack of support, I will not recommend this product to anyone.
  10. We're in the process of reformatting & upgrading our Evo (V2) HFS+ to V3 NTFS. I had used Disk Warrior to periodically repair/maintain corrupt files/directories/etc. on the HFS san. Is there a recommended piece of equivalent software for Windows 7 NTFS? I haven't had much experience on PCs over the last decade so any help is much appreciated. I seached the forums but only found information relating to periodically reinitializing volumes - nothing specifically regarding day to day maintenance.
  11. Our shop is shifting away from Mac Pros to PCs in the coming year. We'll still use our existing Macs but all new purchases will be of the PC variety (Windows 7). Our EVO ( is currently formatted HFS+. I believe I read in the forum that Mediafour's MacDrive is the approved translation software. Is this still correct? We currently have two Mac Pros attached via fibre channel and some Mac Book Pros occasionally connecting via iSCSI. The new PC workstations would connect via fibre channel. Is anyone out there currently running a "mixed office" on HFS+ arrays? Can you offer any advice to this newbie? Any help is much appreciated. -T.J.