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  1. I'm running the globalsan iscsi in a standard office environment... And after a while of testing this "click disconnect before hibernate" thing makes the software useless in such environments - until globalsan uses the mentioned method to fix their code...
  2. You cannot be serious! Who really wants to use a piece of software that crashes your system when clicking the wrong button...? This is really a bug. It is an easy trick to make globalsan iscsi able to realize when the system wants to go to hibernate and then disconnects the target automatically -> this would prevent a crash. http://developer.apple.com/qa/qa2004/qa1340.html
  3. I was able to reproduce this issue on 2 more Macs. (running 10.5.6 and 10.5.7!!) The issue occured on any Macs i've tested - but the connection to the iscsi target has to be established via Airport (!) - the issue does not appear when connected only via ethernet. Seems to be a major bug in globalsan iscsi (or macos)
  4. Hi, i've recognized an issue with 10.5.7 and the hibernate mode. When having globalSAN iSCSI Initiator installed and have a persistent connection to a iSCSI target, my MacBook does not go into hibernate mode when closing the lid (or clicking on "Hibernate"). Instead the system hangs up. Deinstalling globalSAN iSCSI Initiator fixed the problem - but when installing it again and connected to a iSCSI target, the issue reappears. I'm connecting to a FreeBSD system as target with "iscsi-target" as service. Regards, Mike