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  1. I have successfully connected to a Sun X4500 running OpenSolaris using the SNS initiator. I had absolutely no problems seeing the target and connecting to the target. My problem is performance. I am getting an average of 95mbps on read, but a horribly slow 35mbps on write. I purchased and installed the Atto XtendSAN initiator and connected to the same target with NO other changes. It has a consistent read speed of 95mbps, however the write performance is consistently at 75-80mbps. Any ideas?
  2. So this is my finding today. I purchased the Atto iSCSI initiator, and have blazing fast results with NO other changes other than switching initiators. The read speed is the same on both initiators, but the write performance is less than half. The average read performance I am getting on both is 95mbps. The write performance on the Atto initiator averages 75-80mbps, and the average for the SNS initiator is 30-35mbps. This is unfortunate since there are no other changes to any part of the system. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.
  3. I have a Sun Fire X4500 running OpenSolaris with an iSCSI target setup that I can successfully connect both Windows and Mac machines to. The windows machine gets read speeds of 90-100mbps, and the Mac using the globalSAN initiator is getting 25-30mbps. Anyone else having issues like this? I have jumbo frame enabled in all cases. I have made sure that everything is setup according to other posts I have read that have had success. Can anyone shed any light on why I might be getting such poor performance on the Mac side? Thanks.
  4. I am in the middle of developing a shared storage environment for a video post production company. It is a total Mac environment editing with Final Cut Pro. I have two Sun X4500 24tb (48x500gb) Storage Servers, one of which will be a backup of the other. I currently have OpenSolaris installed. My question is what is the most compatible target for the globalSAN initiator to connect to? I need to create the most stable environment, so this is why I need to know what to run on the X4500 servers. There will be a total of 6 Mac Pro workstation connecting to the storage to share all of the video media and other assets on the storage. Thanks in advance.