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  1. Have you opened a support ticket with us? We can provide more direct assistance and investigation into your issue through our support ticketing system which you can access here: http://support.studionetworksolutions.com/home Or by emailing: support@studionetworksolutions.com
  2. Do you have your SANmp volumes set up with Spotlight Privacy on the Mac? If not, you should make them private to Spotlight, as Spotlight can cause issues with unmounting volumes from any client (Mac and Windows).
  3. What HFS+ file system driver are you using for your Windows computer? We recommend using Paragon Software's HFS+ for Windows. http://www.paragon-software.com/home/hfs-windows/ -Caspian Product Specialist SNS
  4. Hello, Is your EVO setup with two Performance Pools each made up of two drive quads (8 disks)? Are both users attempting to use the 12-18 streams you mention from the same Pool? If you like, you're also welcome to open up a Support Ticket by sending an email to: support@studionetworksolutions.com Thank you, Caspian
  5. SANmp backup solution?

    Hello Francois, For Archive, according to many, nothing beats LTO tape, but as you say it can be expensive and slow. There is some new technology on the market now with LTFS solutions which are quite interesting. As far as your current method of backing up SAN volumes to two copies of 2TB SATA drives: How do you currently manage backup copies, with Finder copies? While such backup solutions are convenient and inexpensive, relying on the Finder to copy all of your data, can be risky. Tools that provide the ability to copy data while also doing a verify can be of great benefit in ensuring your backup copies are bit accurate and that no errors have been generated in the data transfer. A few tools on the Mac can offer this functionality along with Full Backup and Incremental Backup settings. Here are some tools on the Mac you might look into for managing these backups: ChronoSync Retrospect Atempo Time Navigator There are many other tools out there, and I hope other users chime in here with solutions they're using. Hopefully this gets you started with some good options. Regards, -Caspian
  6. What version of Final Cut are you using? 7 or X (10)? If you're going to use iSCSI with XSAN, you still need to follow the best practices for setting up an XSAN environment, replacing Fibre Channel connected storage with iSCSI connected storage. XSAN requires separate Metadata controllers, a GbE metadata network (separate from the iSCSI network), a dedicated LUN for metadata, and then storage pools available for Media. Aside from it's lack of network functionality I don't think you're going to pull all of this off with your Drobo. As Barry mentioned, you can use our Xtarget software to present your Drobo S as iSCSI storage for other users. If you're to use this storage as such with an XSAN environment, then the system running Xtarget would need be dedicated to only bridging storage to iSCSI, not also acting as an XSAN client or MDC. You can also use Xtarget with our iSANmp software, which offers a simple alternative workflow to an XSAN network, and does not require metadata networks, metadata controllers, or metadata LUNs, and it can run on the same system as the Xtarget software as well.
  7. Tim, sorry for the delayed reply, we are not able to reproduce anything similar: 1. Please let us know what block size is used for the read operations? Are you trying to read the data in very small portions? 2. Are you using a multipathed connection to the target? Or is the path visible via the single path? 3. Do you see any diffrence in the read speed if you enable/disable the chap? Thank you, - Caspian
  8. Hi T.J. Both MacDrive and Paragon's HFS+ for Windows can be used to access HFS+ volumes with EVO and SANmp. What Applications are you using, Avid, Adobe, Pro Tools? - Caspian
  9. Hello, that is not currently possible as Xtarget is bridging the logical disk device and not the partitions, but that's a good idea
  10. Thank you for providing these details. I have been able to replicate this behavior in our lab with a Synology iSCSI Target and we are investigating the behavior. We will report back with more information pending our further analysis.
  11. For an example on how to configure Xtarget please watch the following video: globalSAN Xtarget Storage Server for OS X
  12. Hello, you first need to Sign Up if you have not already created an account. Look for the 'sign up' link below the ::globalSAN Initiator Activation:: text. Through this link you can finish creating your account and complete the Trial Activation process.
  13. Please follow the link below to retrieve and run our diagnostic utility, which generates a set of logs we'll use to help with the investigation of this issue. 1. Click this link to retrieve the diagnostic utility: http://snsftp.com/guest/SANmp/diags/sanmpdiag-20110704-124816.zip 2. Unzip the diagnostic utility onto a computer where the problem exists. 3. Open the folder and double-click onto the file named runme.command 4. A Terminal window will open. Enter your administrator password in the Terminal when prompted. The utility will provide feedback about its processing status. (The utility will usually take about 5 minutes to complete.) When complete, the output file with the diagnostic data will be in the folder ~/Library/Application Support/SNS/SANmp/ 5. Email all resulting files to iscsi@studionetworksolutions.com
  14. Do you happen to be using a WiFi connection to access your iSCSI Targets?