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  1. Hi Alan, Ah yes, just tested, and it's working with Firefox. Thank you! I don't mind using Firefox, so I don't think I'll open a support request, but good to know the option is there. Thanks again.
  2. Currently running EVO Sharebrowser version on OS X El Cap version 10.11.6 Attempting to restore deleted files from the EVO, but when I go to the recycle bin to browse deleted files, I get the message "Procedure 'getTrashShares' not present". I used to be able to restore deleted files, so not sure what's changed. Any help is appreciated!
  3. I'm running EVO Sharebrowser version on OS X El Cap version 10.11.6. Currently have SAN volumes and an EVO. Audio files on the SAN volumes do display the bit depth, sample rate, and duration in Finder when selected, but audio files on the EVO do not display this info. So, just wondering if there's a setting I need to change so that I can see this info? Thanks in advance