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  1. Intelligent bandwidth control

    your networking equipment has potential to do layer 3 and layer 7 traffic shaping and throttling. Looking at cisco meraki equipment you can see there's a few options to limit bandwidth but nothing specific to being intelligent of the number of active devices and utilisation based on a percentage. traffic shaping options
  2. I have v5.8.1.88 installed on my EVO but only see the v5.8 announcement. Where are all releases and release notes kept?
  3. As you can see, by default, the username and password can be see by anyone on the network capturing packets as the credentials are sent in plain text. I'm very surprised this is the default behaviour. screenshot of credentials sent in plain text
  4. I'm noticing that on any page, even the login page when not logged in as in the example showing the requests, the admin console is constantly (every second or twice per second) trying to reach http://ip-of-server/clientSoap.php screenshot of requests Why is the system constantly requesting this page? Why is it always returning 430 even when logged into the admin console?
  5. So by changing the port to 443 then the login page will start to use https secure authentication? Shouldn't this be the default setting?
  6. Is there a way to secure the login page as right now anyone on the same network can obtain the username and password without https enabled on the login page.