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  1. Windows .mov Import

    Also to add that if I take the "problem" file and drag it off the EVO to the desktop and try to import it. It works fine. I also tried this on another Windows workstation as well as trying Adobe Premiere and got the same error.
  2. I have some footage that can't be imported into After Effects on my Windows workstations. The same file can be imported on Mac stations into several different apps. We tested a few different movie files and the same happens
  3. Project Sharing

    Hmm not sure this is wats happening. What I'm trying to do is add lets say additional assets to say /Volumes/Projects/2017/
  4. Project Sharing

    I have a share where file permissions have been setup for Project Sharing. I had a user open a C4D file which it is set to Write lock those file types. The file is located inside a series of folders and subfolders. At the Finder level when another user tries to drag a file into any of the subfolders where that C4D file is located it won't let them. All the folders seem to be locked at the finder level. They can drag from the finder to Sharebrowser but not Finder to Finder. Is that normal operation?
  5. Best Practices for End of Day

    Thank You, that makes total sense. Is there any issue with un-mounting via Sharebrowser vs the Finder? In other words if users unlock there projects and perform a drag the share to the trash/eject is that a problem?
  6. We just rolled out a 16bay EVO with another 16bay expansion chassis. Connected are four edits and 10 motion graphics stations. The edits most always shutdown their stations at the end of the day. The graphics folks seem to always keep their stations on overnight, even if not rendering overnight. Is their any harm to staying connected and on throughout the night for extended periods of time?