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  1. Alan, I've left the policy open (no specific host-based ACL == Allow All) but perhaps I will create a policy and implement it. Will report back on result. jy
  2. Hi, I'm having trouble on a previously working system. I'm attaching a mac mini (OS X 10.10.5 Yosemite) to a QNAP. I have two QNAPs a TS412U and a TS-853A. Right now I'm interested in attaching to a newly formed target on the 412. The 412 and the mac are connected via a dedicated ethernet link, they are 'pingable'. The 412 is running firmware 4.2.3 (latest stable). When I create a portal to include the 412 i don't see any targets at it's IP address. If I try to create the targets in the mac system preferences and connect to the QNAP 412 I get the following error message: 1.2.0. Error accessing kernel extension. Please try to reinstall globalSAN software. What I've done so far: I have targets on the 853 that are known and previously working. I don't see the previously working targets at the 853 from the mac mini either. The 853 is running So, I have removed the software, deleted the configuration, rebooted the machine, reinstalled the software rebooted the machine and have reconfigured... and I get the same behaviour and errors. help? jy