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  1. Hello Ryan, I tested the version on my system yesterday, and now it run well. I use a MacBook Pro (source drive) and a Falcon IPStor v6 SAN (destination drive) and have now problem to transfert a big folder (324 files, 8 GB) with a speed of 60MB/s (I think limited by my internal drive 2.5' 5400tr/mn...) I only have one problem if I leave Sophos activated during transfert of file bigger than 2GB, because the transfert seems to be too fast for the Antivirus. Sophos hang the transfert, and I had to disactivate it in order to free the transfert ... (without need to relaunch the transfert) Laurent
  2. Hello, I downloaded globalSAN RC1 ... and tried it with my FalconStor SAN (v5) on my MacBookPro under Mac OS X 10.5.2 The transfert work fine on small individual files, but when trying to copy a 13Gb folder, the copy hang at about 500Mo no timeout, but also no crash, the copy never ended, and the only solution to free it was to restart the machine. Laurent (hoping more chance with an RC2)
  3. Hello, On the sns website there is a special leopard page, with this paragraphe : Leopard compatible versions of SANmp (v.2.5), the globalSAN iSCSI initiator (v.3.1) and Postmap (v.1.7) will be released very soon. Check our web site or discussion forum for the latest details on Leopard compatibility... Does anybody have an idea of the release date of globalSAN iSCSI initiator (v.3.1) ? thanks in advance for an answer Laurent
  4. Hello Mark, I just publish the reply I made to you in order to help other people on the forum. Here are the steps : 1- download globalSAN3.0b1150.dmg and install it 2 - reboot your mac 3 - launch GlobalSan iSCSI application 4 - in the "portals" Tab, use "+" in order to add your iSCSI server IP address 5 - go to "targets" Tab, hit the refresh button 6 - in the list you will see your targets (iSCSI disk) 7 - Use the box "connected" at the right of your target to connect the disk temporarlly 8 - the disk appare on the desktop, then if you want to unmount it drag it to the trash and after that unckeck the box you checked on step 7 If you want a persistant disk check also the corresponding box near "connected" It works for me under Mac OS X 10.4 witout using chap nor IP blocking (don't work on 10.5...) Laurent
  5. Hello, In order to backup iSCSI volumes, I wonder if the SNS initiator can be used without GUI (Shell CLI or AppleScript control ?) the wanted senario : 1 - send a command to the iSCSI server to do a snapshot of a volume 2 - mount (without GUI) the snapshot on a backup server 3 - do the backup 4 - unmount the iSCSI snapshot volume Is it possible ? How ? Laurent.
  6. Hello, Did a LUN number 0 exist ? On my REO I tested VTL on an XServe and the LUN were created with ID 254,253 ... The XServe cannot mount them I created a 1 Mo Lun with ID = 0 and then (after restart) all the other LUN appared L.
  7. Hi Mark, Try to use set an anonymous account (no user, paswword, or fix ip) on IPStor. It run for me (next step, work with falcon to secure it ...) L.