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  1. hi, im currently evaluating the globalSAN iSCSI initiator and have got it working from a Synology nas and a mac mini running 10.10.4 server. I can mount the disk fine and have no issues with it part from resizing my disk in OS X. 1) unmount iSCSI attached disk in disk utility 2) disconnect iSCSI LUN in the globalSAN sys preferences panel 3) grow the ISCSI LUN on the Synology nas (from 3TB to 4TB) 4) reconnect iSCSI LUN in globalSAN sys preferences panel 5) on OS X, remount disk in disk utility and confirm the new disk size 4TB 6) Try to resize disk. Completes after a few seconds but does not resize. I've tried this with a GUID partition scheme and an Apple partition scheme. Both do not resize. Has anyone come across this?