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  1. Hi Guys, I have multiple license keys for iSCSI Initiator and want to re-locate a key to a new computer. I seem to have lost track of the link to a page that allows me to de-activate on the old computer a key and re-activate it on a new one. Can anybody help out with providing the link? Thanks in advance! Marco
  2. Thanks for the response. It seems a pain in the behind to get a grip on it. I have a simple 15-char password, but the Initiator keeps telling me the password is wrong 'or target authentication is not supported'. Will investigate further, there must be a solution... I hope Marco
  3. Can anybody please provide me with a -working- example of iSCSI Initiator (OSX) with ReadyNas OS 6.2, using CHAP authentication? I have a working set-up, but cannot find how to use the CHAP system. (which user is which and what password belongs where in the Auth pop-up) If there is a referral to a manual, please put in a link. Would be much appreciated! Brgds, Marco