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  1. I don't think think thats really the issue either. I've not messed with the Recovery console so I'm not sure how it can be manipulated. I was hoping you guys had worked that out lol. globalisan is working awesome but would be nice to be able to use it for restoring from.
  2. thats actually not the issue I was referring to. I mount a SANs iSCSI target as a drive for my built-in Time Machine. In my tests, the ISCSI access is generally significantly faster so the time machine backup window is a lot smaller. I also do Super Duper images to the same drive periodically. Works great. Saves time. The issue is when trying to restore the system from said iSCSI target. The built in Apple recovery partition does't have the GlobalSan drivers in it obviously so OS X doesn't see the iSCSI target as a viable source for a time machine restore. So I either (1) Need to update the built in OS X recovery partition and add in the GlobalSan driver (which I think would be the most convenient) (2) just stop using it and switch to a thunderbolt connected external drive I didn't know if anyone had any experience with plugging GlobalSan into the recovery partition or not. I could create some other recovery disc with it in I suppose but then I would need to recover using that and then restore from the iSCSI target which is not the integrated solution I'm looking for.
  3. Didn't see this covered after searching on "recovery". Using GlobalISAN fine via iSCSI to an Netgear NAS. The question is how to make it convenient for recovering from a backup stored on iSCSI from the Apple recovery environment? If I boot from the recovery partition the software isn't available to mount any iSCSI drives. I assume there's some way I can get access to my iSCSI based backups?