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  1. Yep, netgear released the update and sure enough, it's a goer. globalSAN v5.2 BETA is performing solidly. Thanks!
  2. Looks like a firmware update to my NAS (which occurred in around the same timeframe as the Mavericks release) is the culprit for my problem. Netgear have not yet publicly issued the updated firmware which fixes the issue but there are many people on the netgear forums describing the same problem as what I have - sorry SNS! Looks like my issue is on netgear.
  3. Hello, I haven't upgraded to the public beta, but with the current full release I am experiencing erratic behaviour using iSCSI. An error that appears in the console is: GLO Warning: Error during the recovery 0xe00002c5. In system prefs, the globalsan connection is yellow once the below has occurred. I am running OS X Mavericks Server on a Late 2012 MacMini with bonded gigabit ethernet NIC's. My NAS (Netgear ReadyNAS 104) is also using bonded gigabit NIC's. Everything was working fine in 10.8. I find that when performing large file transfers (while observing activity monitor), the speed will go from 70-110mps to a few hundred kbps for a duration of time, then it will go back up to 100mbps then back down and eventually the iSCSI connection drops and Mavericks says it wasn't ejected properly. I have tried setting everything back to single gigabit ethernet connections but the result is the same. I'm now just going to wait for the full release of the new version of GlobalSAN with Mavericks support. Cheers, Rhys