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  1. Thanks Kyle, I've been a long time user of GlobalSAN and impressed with how resilient the product has been through so many generational updates of OSX when so many other third party products have simply collapsed. I think the idea of a lab is fabulous. As a customer though, please do try and have SNS reply our posts more quickly. Also, now that my issue seems to be resolved, I won't be checking in here so often so what is the best way to stay abreast of status to enable me to move from Beta to production version(s) of the product? This forum post will become a bit of a collection of everything.
  2. Seems I was in error. My problems stemmed from a fault on the petition, not from the GlobalSAN Initiator. I was able to correct the fault and now we're back in business. Timing was coincidental I guess!! Phew. I did take a look at the ATTO Xtend iSCSI Initiator BTW, The interface is pretty scary, something I would expect to see back in the 90's !! Doesn't integrate at all with System Prefs and I found it also attempted to mount the entire volume as well as the correct LUN. I couldn't prevent it mounting the entire volume and of course Disk Manager would report a format error each time. I'll stick with GlobalSAN: twice as good for less than half the cost.
  3. I hope we see some serious movement on this pretty soon. I am currently dead in the water. I'm giving it to the end of this week to see some positive direction or I'm going to purchase ATTO Xtend iSCSI Initiator (http://www.attotech.com/products/product.php?scat=17∏=47&sku=INIT-MAC0-001 ). I've read it works brilliantly on Mavericks. They told me they have a 30 day no questions asked return policy if I have issues. Not cheap at $200 however frankly I don't appreciate paying $89 for GlobalSAN and getting stranded for so long either.
  4. Well I did upgrade to this beta. Alas, the performance issues are still there. Any file copy is beyond painfully slow. Everything hangs for 5-10mins, then 3-4 seconds of rapid activity before hanging again 5-10mins. The only thing to change is Mavericks install. I'll either have to go back to 10.8 (pretty difficult now) or find an alternative to GlobalSAN. GRRRRR
  5. Things appear to be working for me with in general however recently the biggest use of my iSCSI (Promise VessRAID 1830i) on GlobalSAN Connector is iTunes where the library content is stored on the iSCSI drive. iTunes 11.1.3 is EXTREMELY slow when downloading content and stalls anything trying to use the file system(s). Everything is hung for 5-10 mins then 3-4 seconds of queued activity before another 5-10min wait. Basically it just isn't working. When I change the storage to a local drive, the problems disappear. Should I upgrade to or wait for a production release? Further testing. Even doing a simple Finder file transfer is simply awful. It's reporting 6 hours for a 2.22GB over a 1GB Ethernet LAN connection. In 10 mins, it has so far copied 24MB. Truly horrifying performance. It would be faster over USB 1.0 !!!