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  1. We have several sections to the EVO, A1 and A2, B1 and B2, C1 and C2, as well as additional "partitions" for each of our 8 editing stations, FCP 1-8. We have one multiclip setup on B1 and another on B2, which I assumed is a different pool, but maybe they are too close? So 9 streams are a multiclip from B1 and 9 are from B2. It's a lot of data, I'd usually recommend editing with a lower res offline version, but in my head the math shouldn't max out the SAN and cause it to collaps when two people try to edit their projects.
  2. We have a 4 Gb/s fiber setup with an EVO and are editing various multiclip projects within Final Cut Pro. My question: how many simultaneous streams should that be able to maintain for broadcast quality? I was originally told 20 streams, and in my head that's 20 camera angles. As it stands right now, if more than two machines attempt to work on two different multiclips (6-9 cameras in each multiclip) then it brings playback and audio output to a grinding halt over the Fibre/SAN. I've tried turning playback quality down without any luck, so I assume it's bottlenecking in the EVO at this point. Any ideas?