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  1. We can take a closer look at the environment if you'd like to open a support case.
  2. I believe this was resolved yesterday by removing invalid components, but please open a support case if we can assist with anything else.
  3. Is Auto Sync enabled in SANmp Admin? This is expected behavior if an Explorer window is open when the sync interval hits. Feel free to open a support case if you still have concerns, and we can take a closer look at the environment.
  4. Hi Marco, Please open a support case for assistance with this, if you haven't already gotten it sorted. Thanks.
  5. The manual is found in the /Applications/globalSAN folder, and section 3.3 covers the CLI. The current version has the added notes about the PATH variable that we discussed in January. Feel free to open a support case if we can help with anything else!
  6. Project Sharing

    (Noting that this behavior was resolved in a support case)
  7. The default credentials and the web administration port (80) can be changed at the System > Web Configuration Settings page in the EVO. We've also got some added controls for the administration coming in an upcoming version - please open a support case if we can help with anything else!
  8. We aren't aware of any issues with globalSAN and macOS 10.12. Are you using the trial version of the initiator, or the licensed version? There are very few functional limitations in the trial mode, but one of these limitations is the number of allowed concurrent connections. Please see the guide in /Applications/globalSAN for more information.
  9. Project Sharing

    It's only expected that this would be prevented if the path were to change. For example, a locked file may be at /Volumes/Projects/2017/October/example.c4d. Any change to any of the parent items would affect all children, and change the path to their location. If this isn't what you're seeing, please open a support case so we can gather more information.
  10. Best Practices for End of Day

    Hi Jeffrey, Either ShareBrowser or Finder can be used to eject volumes. The best practice is to unlock the project locks from within the ShareBrowser Client or Finder before ejecting, but if all NAS shares are unmounted, the locks should also eventually expire on their own (once the EVO has determined the NAS sessions truly are closed and not just briefly interrupted).
  11. Best Practices for End of Day

    Thanks for asking. While it’s technically better to shut down workstations from a security (see this article) and energy-saving standpoint, leaving the machines running indefinitely is not expected to pose a problem with the EVO. It is best to unmount network shares when not in use (especially if using SAN volumes). Also, here’s an article that covers the best practice for EVO shutdowns. Feel free to open a support case if you have any more questions or concerns!
  12. If you've not yet done so, please open a support case for assistance with this request.
  13. Additionally, disabling SIP during installation may be an effective workaround in your case. See our updated KB article for High Sierra for more information.
  14. Thanks for the additional details. Would you mind opening a support case so we can continue investigation?