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    I currently have two MacPros networked together with a gigabit ethernet cable. I'll call them machine 1 and machine 2. Both machines have trial versions of SANmp client, SANmp admin, and globalSAN iSCSI Initiator and Xtarget installed on them. My end goal is to have both computers run FCPX and access the same HD drive over the network at the same time. Machine 1 has a 2TB firewire800 drive connected to it. The drive has been converted using the SANmp software and then I was able to locally mount it to my desktop. It appears as a sanMP RW drive. On machine 2 I open up SANmp client and log in...I can't seen my 2TB firewire800 drive connected over the network to machine 1. How can I connect both computers? I assume that I need to set up a portal in Initiator on machine 2 to connect to machine 1...though when I try to connect I get a connection error "Code E3FF83BD. The globalSAN initiator is not activated. Click the License button to activate." When I go under the Xtarget License tab it says "Trial mode: 11 days left." Is there anyway to test this software on both computers without purchasing it? ___ Question 2: Is it possible to make FCPX recognize a SANmp drive as a SAN location? Basically in FCPX I would like to click File > Add SAN location and add a shared SANmp drive. FCPX currently won't let me at my SANmp RW drive mounted locally on my desktop.