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  1. Hi Anthony, We'll be glad to post the resolution including any pertinent information once the case is closed. Please open a support case. Kind regards, SNS-Rob
  2. Hi Sylvain, We can assist you through our support system, please open a case here. SNS-Rob
  3. This problem has been addressed in the latest release of globalSAN, version See our Product Announcement Page.
  4. Hi Boziak, SANmp does not directly support Thunderbolt devices, only Fibre Channel and iSCSI. You could however use a Thunderbolt Pegasus as storage for Xtarget, our iSCSI target. SANmp would be more useful if multiple clients could connect, which Xtarget facilitates. Kind regards, SNS-Rob
  5. Hi Ken, If the issue persists feel free to open a support case at http://support.studionetworksolutions.com/ Thanks, SNS-Rob
  6. Hi Dizzy810, Does the volume appear in Disk Utility? If you are still unable to mount the volume please open a support case on our support site http://support.studionetworksolutions.com/.
  7. Hello, globalSAN does not control how volumes are mounted. You may need to confirm your storage enclosure is configured properly. If the volume is formatted NTFS you will need the appropriate file system translation software (e.g. NTFS for Mac OS X) to mount Read/Write. If the issue persists feel free to open a support case at http://www.studionetworksolutions.com/support/. Kind regards, Rob
  8. Hello, We're working to reproduce this issue in our lab and will post our findings. Rob
  9. Hi Sticky, There is a globalSAN icon in it's applications folder /Applications/globalSAN. You should be able to drag the icon from the applications folder to the location of your choice. Kind regards, Rob
  10. Guido opened a support case to let us know had positive results after replacing the link between the storage target and client system.
  11. Hi Guido, globalSAN having a volume in recovery is typically a connectivity issue and would be more obtrusive if volumes are part of a software RAID. We don't know of any GbE switches that are known to be less successful with iSCSI though it is not out of the question. Investigate the physical wiring problem and if possible connect the client directly to the Synology enclosure, if the issue persists feel free to open a support case Kind regards, Rob
  12. Hi John, That is a great suggestion, we'll change the message to something more appropriate in the near future. Thanks! Rob