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  1. I installed a few internal SATA drives on my Windows 7 64-bit workstation and striped them together. I use this raid-0 stripe to store preview and cache files while using Adobe CS6. Ever since I striped the drives I receive this message upon SANmp launch: SANmp 3x is not compatible with Microsoft dynamic disks. If you need to work with volumes greater than 2 TB, please upgrade to a supported 64-bit version of Windows. Under a 64-bit version of Windows you will be able to work directly with volumes greater than 2 TB. If you must work with dynamic disks, you should use SANmp Please see the SANmp manual for further details. If I continue through the warning message everything appears to function correctly. Should I be concerned? Like I said, I primarily use the stripe as a render/preview/cache for the CS6 suite. I tend to keep my active project file on this drive while working (then copy it back to the SAN at the end of the day). Any advice is much appreciated. Windows 7 Pro 64-bit SANmp Version (NTFS Formatted EVO)
  2. We're in the process of reformatting & upgrading our Evo (V2) HFS+ to V3 NTFS. I had used Disk Warrior to periodically repair/maintain corrupt files/directories/etc. on the HFS san. Is there a recommended piece of equivalent software for Windows 7 NTFS? I haven't had much experience on PCs over the last decade so any help is much appreciated. I seached the forums but only found information relating to periodically reinitializing volumes - nothing specifically regarding day to day maintenance.
  3. PLEASE NOTE: You can only mount NTFS volumes on a Mac as RO or Write Exclusive (WX) I just found this out the hard way - would have been nice to know going in. Any effort to resolve this?
  4. Caspian, Thanks for the response. We're fading away from Apple Final Cut so ideally we'll run both Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro (and their associated software bundles). (no Pro Tools) -T.J.
  5. Our shop is shifting away from Mac Pros to PCs in the coming year. We'll still use our existing Macs but all new purchases will be of the PC variety (Windows 7). Our EVO ( is currently formatted HFS+. I believe I read in the forum that Mediafour's MacDrive is the approved translation software. Is this still correct? We currently have two Mac Pros attached via fibre channel and some Mac Book Pros occasionally connecting via iSCSI. The new PC workstations would connect via fibre channel. Is anyone out there currently running a "mixed office" on HFS+ arrays? Can you offer any advice to this newbie? Any help is much appreciated. -T.J.