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  1. Sorry for the confusion. Let me tell you exactly what is my intention. We have an iSCSI storage which is on a Synology DS411j NAS. We want to access the files on this iSCSI with our Windows and Mac PCs. Windows comes with an iSCSI initiator. For our two Mac Computers however we need globalSAN initiator. I installed the demo version of globalSAN initiator and recognized that I can not set different access rights (read, write, ...) for different users. Then I watched a demo video on your website and thought that iSANmp is a software which gives me the possibility to set different access rights for different users. My questions regarding this scenario is as follow: W want to access our iSCSI storage located on our Synology NAS with two different Mac computers. Which software do you suggest us? Is globalSAN initiator what I am looking for? Do we need two different licenses for two Mac computers even if we don't want to use them at the same time? Is there any possibility to set different access rights for different users? Many thanks
  2. Great! Thanks a lot for your reply. However I still have two questions: 1. Ok, You say that the USB dongle is a portable license. Does it mean, that if I want to use 2 different Mac computers (not at the same time), I can just unplug the dongle from the first one and plug it in to the second Mac computer and use iSANmp with that computer?? 2. In one of the demo videos on your website, I can see that you can access an iSCSI storage via iSANmp, without using the globalSAN initiator! Am I right? I mean can I access an iSCSI storage via iSANmp or I have to install globalSAN initiator to be able to access the iSCSI storage, and iSANmp is only a tool for setting different access levels for different users? Thank you very much for your help and sorry if my questions are not very intelligent. However I am new in the world of iSCSI.
  3. Please, Please answer my questions. I just want to pay and buy your product!!!!!
  4. My Email is: [removed by moderator]
  5. Hi, I just want to access the files on a iSCSI network storage via two Mac computers ( Lion OSX). Regarding this matter I have two questions: 1- If I buy iSANmp, do I need to buy also the globalSAN iSCSI initiator to access the iSCSI storage? Or I can use the iSANmp to access the iSCSI Storages via my Mac computers? 2- If I buy one iSANmp licence, can I install it on more than one Mac Computer? Or I have to buy one licence for each computer? I hope that somebody will answer these simple questions, which I think belong to the FAQ of the globalSAN website. Many thanks
  6. My God! This is just unbelievable!! You want to buy something and the buyer doesn't let you know the price!! Could somebody explain us what is the price for iSANmp??? Thanks
  7. Hi, I want to share an iSCSI network storage for different Mac and Windows computers. Do I need to buy globalSAN and iSANmp? Or only globalSAN? How expensive is iSANmp? Can I buy one copy of globalSAN and install it on 3 different Mac computers? Thanks