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  1. Thanks for your answer the Franck. So it must be my osx then. I'm going to uninstall / re-install globansan to see if that fixes the issue.
  2. Hi! No one has problem with persistent targets?
  3. Hello, Setup : globalsan on Lion 10.7.2 mounting HPFS+ Lun on synology ds1010+. Tested with Authentification Settings = none an chap login/password. When i manually connect the LUN, no problem. Mount/access/read/write/unmount is OK. But when i make it persistent, it doesn't mount at reboot. After 1 or 2 mintutes i have this message : Unable to login to all globalSAN persistent targets at startup Connections to persistent targets will be reattempted periodically every 30s. But nothing. The lun doesn't mount itself. What do i have to do then? Thanks.