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  1. All my issues have been resolved with the latest release. Im using it with a ReadyNas Pro Pioneer! Thanks!
  2. All my issues have been resolved with the latest version! Thank you!
  3. Many of us are having this problem. There is another thread already in progress with these issues.
  4. Exactly and that is why they should have in place an outside Beta team in order to test the equipment they do not have in house.
  5. I just installed the latest version of globalSAN that is intended to work with Lion. No luck. I get the green light that my iSCSI target is connected but it doesn't mount. I am currently running the diagnostic tool that SNS provided and will send in my logs. Hopefully this will help you create a version that will work for all of us. I'm using a ReadyNAS Pro Pioneer with Lion 10.7.2. -Matthew