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  1. Hi Andrew, Yes there is progress with Equallogic. Back in August I setup a session in which engineers were able to login to our Equallogic box and trouble the kernel errors. I am hopeful that they will be able to correct the bugs and have a version that will work with Equallogic arrays. Mike
  2. Thanks Ted! I will be eager, but patient to hear your results.
  3. Thanks Eric! I created a trace file yesterday and sent it to the email account provided. I referenced this thread in the email to help understand what is going on. Mike
  4. Are there instructions anywhere on how to produce the trace logs? Thanks, Mike
  5. First off, I am glad to finally see a FREE Mac OS X initiator! Now onto the fun stuff....Is there a list of supported targets or vendors. We have an EqualLogic SAN and I am unable to connect. Through past experiences I have found that the EqualLogic target we have in not very well supported for third party initiator vendors. Can anyone provide insight to if my device is supported? Upon attempting to establish a connection to a specific target I get this error: Could not login to target <target_name> because an error occurred during target login. Login status code 0203. Thanks in advance! Mike