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  1. Darn... I was hopeful it was that easy. It does make me feel a little better that there are some users who are able to get it to work, but I'm very hesitant to give it a try in my environment until we hear something from SNS. I can't wait too long though; a couple more days and I'll have to buy the ATTO initiator.
  2. I've found at least one person (via twitter) that seems to have no troubles with 4.1.279 and OSX Lion. He says he didn't use any special settings, just no authentication and a fresh install of Lion instead of an upgrade from Snow Leopard. Anyone else here try w/o authentication, or uninstalling/reinstalling the initiator software after the upgrade to Lion?
  3. I have submitted a support case via the website; hopefully we will hear something soon. I really don't want to have to pay $200 for another software package for my home/personal use until we hear something from SNS.
  4. Was thinking about this throughout at the day at work... I seem to recall seeing similar behavior when I first upgraded to v4.1 from the v3.x build I was using previously (in OSX 10.6.x). Checking "Always send "Session Type" when connecting." in the iSCSI Options dialog box resolved it for me. I know its a long shot, but does this change the behavior for anyone who has already upgraded to Lion?
  5. Can someone (preferably from SNS) comment on the compatibility of the current version of globalSAN iSCSI Initatior ( for OSX and OSX Lion 10.7 that is due to be released this month?